We have a list of wills that pertain to the people of the parish.
We have a few that we own.. and we are very keen to have copies of any others that may be donated.
Otherwise this list will be added to the long list of items to find funding for.


Wills & Testaments
If a person wished to settle his or her affairs before death, they drew up a will, which set down their instructions as to the disposal of their possessions and named the executor whom they wished to administer the estate. The executor had to be confirmed by the court and the document drawn up by the court for this purpose is known as a testament. There are two types of testaments: the testament testamentar and testament dative.

Scotland, National Probate Index (Calendar of Confirmations and Inventories), 1876-1936

In Scotland, probate records are called confirmations and they include a testament and an inventory of the estate. This collection includes an index and images to the annually published Calendar…

John Cattanach 30 Nov 1920 Ardchattan 14 Dec 1920
Christina Douglas 19 Mar 1927 Inveresregan, Ardchattan, Taynuilt 29 Mar 1927
Elizabeth Bell King 25 Nov 1895 Ardchattan, Argyllshire 5 Feb 1896
Hugh MacArthur 4 May 1927 Ardachy Farm, Ardchattan 12 Jun 1928
Rev John Archibald MacCormick 9 Jan 1926 The Mans of Ardchattan, Taynuilt, Argyll 13 Feb 1934
Flora MacDougall 26 Sep 1913 Taynuilt, ,Parish of Ardchattan and Muckairn, County of Argyll 27 Jan 1915
Jean MacIntyre 12 Dec 1896 Ardchattan Manse 24 Feb 1897
John Mackinnon 13 Apr 1915 Parish of Ardchattan 25 Jan 1916
Rev Hugh MacLachlan 2 May 1903 Ardchattan 16 Feb 1904
James M'Kechnie 31 Mar 1907 Blarcreen, Ardchattan, Taynuilt 8 Aug 1907
John Paterson 26 May 1880 Ardchattan 22 Oct 1880
Jane Elizabeth Mary Campbell Popham 12 Sep 1878 Ardchattan Priory 2 Nov 1878

see example http://greatayton.wikidot.com/wills-inventories

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