Valuation Rolls

Valuation rolls are lists of properties and their owners, compiled for the purposes of taxation. Those compiled between 1855 and 1989 by County and Burgh Assessors constitute one of the most used sources of information by many types of researcher in Scottish archives.1

The pages below give a list of the tenants and buildings in the Valuation Rolls of Ardchattan,2
These are not the full details - which are in each sheet which have been downloaded, and are available at the archive. The pages also give us information like the actual value of the rental, (really interesting to see how this changes, and to understand what money had to be found to maintain the house or holding) as well as relationships between tenants and sub-tenants.

1855 Valuation Roll - no images yet
1875 Valuation Roll - images of 1875 Valuation Roll
1885 Valuation Roll - images of 1885 Valuation Roll
1895 Valuation Roll - images of 1895 Valuation Roll
1905 Valuation Roll - images of 1905 Valuation Roll
1915 Valuation Roll - images of 1915 Valuation Roll
1920 Valuation Roll - images of 1920 Valuation Roll
1925 Valuation Roll - images of 1925 Valuation Roll

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