Valuation Roll of 1688

taken in 1687 does anyone have these records and could we have a copy ?
SC54/20/8/2. Valuation Roll for Ardchattan (Ballivodan) and Muckairn. 1687

SC54/20/8/2/1 Rental of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine. 14 Sep 1687
SC54/20/8/2/2 Rental of Allan McDougall of Craignuich. 5 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/3 Rental of John Campbell of Ardchattan. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/4 Rental of Alexander Campbell of Glenurr. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/5 Rental of Collin Campbell of Ineresragan (Inveresragan). 22 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/6 Rental of Archibald Campbell of Inveraw. 23 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/7 Rental of Duncan Campbell, brother of Archibald Campbell of Inveraw. 24 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/8 Rental of John Campbell of Auchaw. 26 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/9 Rental of Duncan McIntyre of Glenoe (Glennoe). 26 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/10 Rental of Jean Campbell, relict of Archibald Campbell of Ardchattan. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/11 Rental of Bathea Murray, relict of Patrick Campbell of Innerzeldies. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/12 Rental of Donald McIntyre of letters. 26 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/13 Rental of lands wadset from Archibald Campbell of Inveraw. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/14 Rental of the lands of Achnacrie. 25 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/15 Rental of Alexander Campbell of Lochnell. 24 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/16 Rental of Dougall Campbell of Clynamacrie (Clenamacrie). 24 Aug 1687
SC54/20/8/2/17 Rental of John Campbell of Kirktowne in Muckairne. 1 Sep 1687
SC54/20/8/2/18 Rental of the Laird of Calder. 1 Sep 1687

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