University Of Edinburgh School Of Literature

University of Edinburgh school of Literatures, languages and cultures.

Established in 1951 to collect, preserve, research and publish material relating to the cultural traditions and folklore of Scotland.
The extensive collections, the core of which is the ethnological fieldwork undertaken by staff and students over the past sixty years, now include

  • a sound archive comprising some 29,000 recordings,
  • a photographic archive containing thousands of images from the 1930s onwards,
  • a small film and video collection and
  • a manuscript archive.

The Scottish Studies library of ethnological publications, both Scottish and international, is used as a resource to contextualise the fieldwork material. Collecting has focused on Scottish life and the traditional arts, and material comes from communities throughout Scotland and its diaspora. The main languages of Scotland - Gaelic, Scots and English - are all represented including many dialects that are now extinct.

Donations form part of these substantial holdings and include related material, for example, the John Levy Collection, recordings of traditional music from Asia and beyond.

Normally open Monday to Friday 10am-4pm.
Appointment to be made with the Curator.
27 George square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD.

Archive and Library staff
Dr Cathlin Macaulay Curator||yaluacam.nilhtac 0131 650 4149
Responsible for sound archive, photographic archive and the Levy archive.

Dr Doreen Waugh||hguaw.neeroD 0131 650 4162
Responsible for Scottish place-name survey

Mrs Arnot McDonald||dlanodcm.tonra 0131 650 3060
Scottish studies librarian

Dr Wilson McLeod||doelcm.w 0131 650 3623
Responsible for Celtic library

The sound archive : Music and song/Tales
Thousands of recordings of songs, instrumental music, tales, verse, customs, beliefs, place names, biographical information and local history.

Photographic archive
40,000 images mainly dating from the 1930’s to present day.

Libraries and manuscripts
All library users must be registered with the library

Ardchattan parish archive related information by search. There will clearly be overlap.

  • Ardchattan 183
  • Bonawe 169
  • Barcaldine 85
  • Creran 146
  • Etive 327
  • Dalness 45
  • Ledaig 45
  • Benderloch 100
  • Connel 131

Many of the above are part of the Carmichael Watson Project

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