Records to be transcribed for the Ardchattan Parish Project

please help and join the transcription group - and we very much welcome any further contributions.
We are extremely honoured and grateful to the GROS for giving us permission to publish the records for this parish. This is a RARE priviledge, we know.

Please email for spreadsheet formats where applicable.

The point about transcribing these records is to get them into a form whereby they can be searched, online and within databases to enable descendants to find their relatives.
These databases will also allow us to build up the connections between the families who have been born, married, lived, worked and died in the villages of Barcaldine, Benderloch, North Connel and Bonawe, as well as the other many settlements.
Other archives help to paint the picture of the lives of these communities, what affected them, and how they coped.

Each word that is added, each name, each fact, is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of what makes Ardchattan such a fascinating place.

Birth Certificate images on Picasaweb
Marriage Certificate images on Picasaweb
Death certificate images on Picasaweb
For the Old Parish Record images - please email for access.
Memorial Stones, Ardchattan Kirk

1841 census 1841 Census images on Picasaweb
1851 census 1851 Census images on Picasaweb
1861 census 1861 Census images on Flickr
1871 census 1871 Census images on Flickr
1881 census
1891 census 1891 Census images on Flickr
1901 census 1901 Census images on Flickr
1911 census 1911 Census images on Flickr

Newspaper Articles and references

Military and War Records

Wills - there are also others available on request.

Argyll Valuation roll

Trade Directory


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