Tax records can give us invaluable information about the people and the places of the parish

1691 - 1695
hearth tax source - tax records for Argyll and Buteshire | Hearth Tax records This volume contains lists of householders liable for the hearth tax in 1694 in the counties of Bute and part of Argyll. There are no rolls for parts of Argyll which were in rebellion at that time (including Mull, Tiree, Coll and Ardnamurchan).
Land tax records Land tax rolls (often called cess rolls or valuation rolls) were compiled by the Commissioners of Supply in each county to enable the collection of the land tax from 1667 onwards. They list the owners of landed estates and assess the rental value of their lands.
Inhabited house Tax

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Carriage taxes E326/8/1/9
Ardchattan and Muckairn
Date ………..Masters/mistresses names……Actual #…2 wheel carriages….4 wheel carriages….Duty….Note
October 1785 ….Patrick Campbell of Ardchattan…. 1………………1……£5.5.0………
| Horse Tax Roll volume 01 E326/9/1/19
(10s each) (10s each)
Ardchattan & Muckairn
Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine 2 2 £0.10.0
Captain Duncan Campbell of Lochnell 5 5 £1.5.0
Patrick Campbell of Ardchattan 2 2 £0.10.0
James Longmore Lorn Furnace 1 1 £0.5.0
Hugh McCalman Surgeon Airdsbay 1 1 £0.5.0
11 11 £2.15.0
Female servant tax rolls 1785 source - | volume 01 (1785-6, counties A-L) E326/6/1/26
Farm Horse Tax 1797-1798 source - | Volume 01 E326/10/1/140 and 141

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