What would have the most common plaids been in the area before the 1745 ?

The original dominant tartans of the parish would be that of the heritors - the land owners, but there were people from other clans here too.

  • Campbell of Barcaldine
  • Campbell of Breadalbane
  • Campbell of Glenure
  • Campbell of Lochnell
  • Campbell of Ardchattan
  • Campbell of Lochawe
  • MacIntyre of Glennoe / Glenorchy

We have a lot to learn of the clan dynamics here, where so many families meet.

There are few matches to our main families in the Tartan register - did they have their own unique weave sett or plaid ? or that of the main sept they belonged to ?

Campbell of Lochnell (Argyll)

Campbell of Barcaldine (Breadalbane)

Campbell of Ardchattan (Cawdor) no tartan listed in the Tartan register under Inverawe

Campbell of Inverawe : no tartan listed in the Tartan register under Inverawe

McIntyre of Glennoe :
Tartan Details - MacIntyre and Glenorchy
also Glenorchy https://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/tartanDetails.aspx?ref=1394

As Peter MacDonald says in his 1996 Key Patterns Book, there are many versions of the Glenorchy tartan. There is also the added complication of the different versions of the name -Glen Orchy or Glenorchy. Scottish Tartans Society notes say 'The Glen Orchy sett is sometimes known as the MacIntyre and Glenorchy, although the MacIntyres occupied only part of the Glen.' The earliest known date of a Glenorchy tartan is 1822, taken from Wilsons of Bannockburn letters.

The McNicol of Leiters kilt pre-dates this by some 20 years and may be made of material woven before the [[[1745]] rising and following prohibition. It still exists, in a Canadian museum - http://www.scottishtartans.co.uk/An_early_C19th_kilt_made_from_an_old_plaid.pdf

some tartan references

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