Statistical Account
Scotland Accounted For: An Introduction To The 'Old' (1791-1799) And The New (1834-1845) Statistical Accounts Of Scotland
by Charles W J Withers, Professor of Historical Geography at the University of Edinburgh

What are Scotland's statistical accounts?

Scotland's statistical accounts provide vitally important reference sources for Scotland's history, geography and society. Based on detailed parish reports (with supplementary reports, for example, on the universities), the statistical accounts enumerate and describe such topics as agriculture, antiquities, industrial productions, population and natural history at crucial periods in Scotland's past.

There have been three statistical accounts of Scotland. The first, undertaken at the end of the eighteenth century under the direction of Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster (1754-1835), is referred to simply as the Statistical Account of Scotland. Known also as the 'Old' or 'First' statistical account by reference to its later companions, it was published in twenty-one volumes between 1791 and 1799. The second was the New Statistical Account, published between 1834 and 1845. The Third Statistical Account of Scotland was undertaken and published between 1951 and 1992.
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Statistical Accounts
1791-1799 : vol.6 p.174 - 182 : (this site will allow you to "browse scanned pages" for non-subscribers.) by Rev Ludovic Grant
1834-45 vol.7 pages : 468 - 509: (this site will allow you to "browse scanned pages" for non-subscribers.)
The Third Statistical Account of Scotland: The county of Argyll ; edited by C.M. MacDonald, Volume 9

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