St Modans Kirk

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Architect George Woulfe Brenan 1844 - 1924
became involved in the restoration of Lochnell House after he moved to practise in Oban in 1882, and when he returned from Glasgow he was involved in the construction of 1904 St Modan's Established Church.

St. Modan's Church, Benderloch was opened in May 1905.

In 2005 there was a wonderful year long celebration of events.
The coming of the railway from Ballachulish to Connel triggered the new church, prior to this the people of the Ledaig area had had occasional services at the village school (Lochnell school, built in 1878, but mostly had to walk to Achnaba to Ardchattan Kirk for their Sunday service.

from the ardchattan church website are some fascinating notes on its construction.

The name St. Modan's was chosen because of the old church building at Baile Mhaodain above Ardchattan. The architect was G. Woulfe Brennan, an Oban man. The grey & black granite blocks were brought from the Bonawe & Kentallen quarries respectively and the slates came from Ballachulish.

The bell in our unusual bell tower was donated and hung by Arrol's Bridge & Roof Co. of Glasgow who had built the Connel Rail Bridge (and more famous Forth Railway bridge). The bell foundry mark reads 'John C. Wilson, Glasgow'. It is currently rung before each service by the members of our Sunday School.

The archive has a growing collection of low resolution images of postcards that chronicle the landscape of Benderloch, and show the Church site before and after its building.
It would be wonderful to replace these with scans of the real thing so we can see more details.

There is an article on St Modan’s Church, Benderloch, in Scottish Local History issue 64 summer 2005 - does anyone have this that we could scan for the archive?

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