Sailean Sligeanach (Bay)

Loch Linnhe
700m SW of Shenavallie (Farm)

Fish Trap

There is a disused lime kiln at the head of the bay.
Story entitled 'Cruban Dunan is Baidein' telling of three brothers who were the first people to come to Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire.
They came from Ceannloch [Kinloch] and Crùban built Dun Chrubain [Dùn hrùban] and Dùnan and Baidein were to build together on Druim an Dunain [Druim an dùnain] but quarrelled and so Baidein left for Sailean Sligeanach in Benderloch [Sàilean Sligeanach, Meudarloch] where he built his own township, which he called Dun Bhaidein [Dùn Bhaidein].
He then went to the top of Druim Ard [Druim Àrd] which is known now as Aird mhunrais 'now the modern town of Croc sgurain' [Cnoc Sgurain].

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