Sinclair surname

McNokeard, MacNokaird, NicNokaird and many variants
Singleir Sinclair, is an anglisisation

There are some that include the gaelic Mhic na cearda / Mac na Cearda?(in the West of Scotland), which referred to travelling tin and silver smiths
(From Dwelly's Gaelic dictionary :
Ceard is :
1. Tinker
2. Smilth, brazier, any tradesman at smith-work of any kind.
3 Mechanic.
4 Blackguard.)

and the surname "Caerda" is claimed as a sept family of Clan Sinclair yet the surname "Mac na Caerda" is claimed as a sept family of the Campbell's .. mostly families that were not on the same side ! .. much to unravel yet !

We have a significant smithing heritage in this area, including the MacPhederans of Ferlochan casting the arrows for the old Scottish Kings

"In genealogical circles, the book by George F. Black entitled "Surnames of Scotland: Their Meaning, Origin and History" is considered to be one of the most authoritative reference sources upon which family historians and professional genealogists base much of their research. In this great tome, Black states that the Sinclairs of Argyllshire are not related to the Caithness Sinclairs at all, but rather that their origin stems from "Mac na Cearda", meaning son of the smith. More specifically, the term caerd refers to a craftsman working in brass and other fine metals as opposed to a blacksmith. Black further claims that these craftsmen created many of the fine ancient Highland brooches which are on display in Scottish National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh. [During a trip to Edinburgh in 2002 the author did find some particularly fine brooches and other articles of intricate beauty, which had been discovered on the Island of Islay, in Argyllshire.]

Black elaborates that these craftsmen were held in the highest esteem, but as the native industries in metal declined, so too did the caerd's trade, as it was finally degraded and applied to the poorest class of itinerant menders of pots and pans - equated with Scots "tinkler." Black finalizes, " In Argyllshire the name is now rendered Sinclair."1

Sinclairs running Achnacree Beag farm for much of the 1800's, then moved to Culnadalloch, Taraphocain before leaving for Australia in 1910

Sinclairs in the crofts beside at Achnacree More in the 1800's

Sinclairs in Dalrannoch

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