Origins of the name come from the Ossian Tales written by Bartholemew in
which ones is it on

But it seems that this is a relatively new location in our parish.
There are no mentions of it on any of the maps before the 1871 OS map.
On the 1841 census there is a single dwelling called New Selma
By 1851 the fishing cottages at Port Selma and a number of dwellings to New Selma and an 18 acre farm holding, which likely becomes The Jib are all enumerated.

Selma Croft
running alongside the railway towards Keils
New Selma
close the modern road
Lizzie's croft
Port Selma
from which many goods grown and made in this area were taken to Oban daily and weekly.

There is a Selma in Alabama, that was established in 1815 - does anyone know why they chose Selma ? is it the Ossian connection or is it some Arabian link ?

St Modans church was built on land adjacent to Selma in 1905
with Campbell Memorial Hall built behind the church

There was a Free church built in ….. at the corner of the Keils croft road.

from facebook
The petrol station belonged to Donnie Campbell known as "earn a shilling" he had the blacksmith's workshop (Nissen type building ) behind Tom Hedly's shop. He was also the local undertaker and lived in white house end next to church with Mrs MacArthur.1
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