Salt Croft

Salt croft is along by the Barcaldine Forestry between the village and South Creagan

The salt pans were established at Glentendill in the 1600s

In the seventeenth century Sir Duncan Campbell, seventh laird of Glenorchy, advanced to his son, Robert Campbell of Glenflloch and to John MacDougall in Ferlochan, the sum of 2000 merks, to construct a salt pan on his lands of Glentindell in Lorn. These pans were in operation the same year, viz. 1623. The place where they were situated is now called Salt croft, where the two modern houses are built.1

1841 census
Address: Salt House Croft
McINTYRE Christian F 80 Cotter Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL Jean F 40 Argyllshire
BURNS Robert M 15 Argyllshire
PATERSON Mary F 10 Argyllshire

Address: Salt House Croft
CARMICHAEL Donald M 35 Fisherman Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL Catherine F 30 Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL Nancy F 5 Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL Christian F 3 Argyllshire
CARMICHAEL Peter M 1 Argyllshire

1851 census : Salt House Croft
1897 map .

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