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Been a ferry crossing off and on from about 1750 and 1770 from historical evidence.

Alternative names : Rhugarve : Rugarve : Rugarv : Rugara

Rhugarbh Farm
East Rhugarbh
Cnoc an Fhurain
Rhugarbh United Free Church

By the shore has been the site for travelling tinsmiths for generations.
https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/person/tree/108770421/person/112047146096/facts Ellen McAllister was born here in 1875 to William McAlister and Euphemia McArthur

Date check

  • the 1654 hearth tax
  • the 1751 land tax
  • the 1841 census - YES
  • the 1871 map - YES

Parish: Ardchattan; ED: 3; Page: 2; Line: 780; Year: 1841
Betty Cunningham Age 55 Cottar
Duncan Cunningham Age 25
Neil Cunningham Age 20


from Carmichael Watson archive
Two stories about candlesticks, the first telling how one was found on the Crois [Crois Dubh Lios Mòr or Black Cross of Lismore, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire], giving a description of it and the other tells how a gold candlestick was found in the grave of a daughter of Ni[ghean] Mac Coll Rugarbh, Benderloch [Rhugarbh, Meudarloch] about forty years before [c 1830]. http://www.carmichaelwatson.lib.ed.ac.uk/cwatson/en/catalogueentry/3154/1/2/geog_cw_id:g4806/Rugarbh%20(Rhugarbh)/ALL

There is a Rhugarve on the other side of Loch Creran ferry crossing
(which had a distillery for a short while !

Rhugarve Rugarve Malt Demolished started : 1798 / stopped : 1830 Highlands Appin, Argyll, NM9294241

A tragic sad record spotted on the death register for 1905 .. was this wee lad one of the first community deaths for the new railway? David Ferguson 10 March 1905 : 5.10 am living at Barcaldine Lodge, Rhugarve, Ardchattan .. age 2 1/3 years son of John Ferguson Ploughman and Elizabeth Goudie Gray .. was killed by a passing Train. was this one of the first community deaths by the new railway?
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