We are collecting up the records for the people and places of the Parish - and will share online where appropriate and allowed. Visitors to the archive are very welcome, preferably by appointment as it is not staffed. We are very very honoured to have been granted permission by General Registrar of Scotland to publish their records - certificates census valuation rolls etc for Ardchattan people .. we are so very grateful.
We obviously cannot afford to buy all of the certificates and records - there are thousands, (see below) so very much welcome donations of scans, of copies (especially digital ones) of any records you have collected of the families of the area, both here and when they left, or before they arrived here. Most records include information about other people, so you will also be paying forward for all the help you receive from our wonderful genealogical world by sharing information that might help others - it also might connect you up with otherwise unknown cousins. (email any donations to ku.gro.nattahcdra|evihcra#ku.gro.nattahcdra|evihcra with your contact details. . and many many thanks.

below are Links to some of the records we are gathering and the numbers of certificates that are available on Scotlandspeople to obtain !
The lists online here are not yet complete, we have more in the archive here to catalogue yet.
We have been harvesting the indexes to many of these, especially when there is a free offer! but we have many more of the actual records to obtain.


Statistical Accounts

Fasti Ecclesiae Scotia : Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae : the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation

Census (we have a lot of this on A4 paper in the archive, but digital is so much better to decifer and share. The numbers refer only to the Ardchattan census, not where families had moved to ! The numbers vary by movement of people but mostly by the changes in the parish boundaries, especially at the turn of the 1900's.
Resource : Scotlandspeople

Scotlandsplaces - this is the Ordnance Survey records of each place as they prepared the first Ordnance survey map in 1870s. We need to save each page of the Volume 52 that relates to our parish area as an off line resource as well as linking each page to the place on this site. - Ardchattan in Scotlandsplaces

Rolls of Male Heads of Families1
‚ÄčIn 1834, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland passed the Veto Act, removing the absolute right of landowners to appoint ministers to their parish. The Act gave male heads of families who were communicants with the parish the right to veto the appointment of a new minister if a majority of them objected. To this end, the Assembly instructed kirk sessions to draw up rolls of the male heads of families in each parish.
According to the Old Scottish website .. there are no surviving records ???

They are significant as they pre-date the earliest nominal census, which took place in 1841.
The main census

  • 1841 1450 matches. (58 pages) & copy from Freecen site
  • 1851 mostly complete & transcribed
  • 1861 1380 matches. (56 pages)
  • 1871 1169 matches. (47 pages)
  • 1881 1395 matches. (56 pages)
  • 1891 1252 matches. (51 pages)
  • 1901 841 matches. (34 pages) does not include the Bonawe, upper Loch Etive, Glen Etive records under Muckairn
  • 1911 706 matches. (29 pages) does not include the Bonawe, upper Loch Etive, Glen Etive records under Muckairn
  • 1921 //707 matches (29 pages) // does not include the Bonawe, upper Loch Etive, Glen Etive records under Muckairn 1939 National Identity Register in Scotland

Records and the number to collect, download, purchase, catalogue, transcribe, and add to family trees. Please get in touch if you want to help, have anything to donate etc.

Wills and Testaments : approx 200
Old Parochial Registers pre 1855 : baptisms, banns,
Statutory Records post 1855 : births, marriages, deaths


  • Baptisms Parish Records pre 1855 : 1934 records to collect
  • Statutory Births 1855 onwards to 1969 : 1,797 records to collect


  • Banns & marriages Parish Records pre 1855 : 1323 records to collect
  • Statutory Marriages 1855 onwards : 329 records to collect


  • Parish Records pre 1855 : 0 records available
  • Statutory 1855 onwards to 1969 : 1,797 records to collect

Catholic records for Oban - unknown number from our parish
burials - Memorial Inscriptions

  • valuation rolls : so far 1855 : 1865 : 1875 : 1885 : 1895 : 1905 : 1915 : 1920 : 1925 : 1930

Images - |photos of records, places, and more

Military records

Absent voters list - find Argyll Ardchattan list

Poor Law records

Kirk Session records

Lewis Topographical Dictionary 1851
Land Assessment Scotland


Trade records eg Merchant Navy

military-service records


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