We need more information about the dates of working, the people, images etc for all of these.

Quarries of the past
Dalness Quarry no information about this small gravel quarry by Dalness yet (image from geograph)

Barrs Quarry
1845 New Statistical Account : Quarries :

We have no freestone quarries in the parish, but there is abundance of granite boulders, which, when split and dressed, form substantional and beautiful materials for building. Lord Breadalbane has opened, and is working successfully a granite quarry on his farm of Barrs, on the upper shores of Loch Etive, where the stones of a large size, of very superior quality, and susceptible of a high polish, are obtained. For works in which firmness and durability are necessary, finer materials can no where be found.

(image from ukbeaches guide site

Bonawe Quarry

later 1900's
Tralee Beach Quarries
Culcharran Quarry
Connel Quarry - at Ledaig, beyond the airport

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