We have a great number of Prehistoric structures around Ardchattan Parish

for example :

Understanding the Mesolithic
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Volume 9 : Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive, Argyllshire, consisting of Vitrified Forts, Cairns, Circles, Crannogs, &c.,; with some Remarks on the Growth of Peat. (pp 81-106) Smith, R Angus

Volume 67 from 1932 Margaret Crichton Mitchell THE PREHISTORIC ANTIQUITIES OF BENDERLOOH AND APPIN

The world of the dinosaurs - the prehistoric globe

The general area around the beach at Tralee is also thought to be one the main centres of power and exchange in the area from the Late Iron Age and Early Historic period although there is little archaeological evidence so far found to substantiate this.2

Paul Robins monitored the excavation and lifting of a Bronze Age funerary vessel by GUARD in 1996. This was found at NGR NM 9051 3805. Burnt bone was recovered, as well as twenty pieces of quartz, some or all which may be struck. A group of cobbles was situated in the southwest corner of the excavation trench. It was found that the urn had been set on a stone slab.
Nearby, in 2007, human remains were discovered by the householder undertaking landscaping for a garage in the garden of his home at Cliff House, Main Street, Benderloch. (NGR NM 9051 3799).
Although this site had been very disturbed, finds included a small quantity of decorated prehistoric pottery (probably from a Food Vessel), a single worked bone tool and a small amount of human bone. Extensive quantities of small mammal bones and marine shells were identifiable within the disturbed material. Initial examination of the human bone indicated the presence of two adults with a single adolescent bone pointing to the presence of a third individual.
A number of standing stones have been recorded in the area, including one at Lochnell Primary School (NGR NM 90623865), where excavations were undertaken in 1971 prior to the construction of a new school building. A relict soil horizon was identified within the gravels of the marine terrace, and a possible stakehole cutting this was excavated.
To the north, another standing stone can be found at Castle Farm, Barcaldine. Near this are three Bronze Age kerbed burial cairns, (NGR NM 910 403 to 910 402).3

We need to create accessible maps for each of these locations; learn field archeaology skills to assess others in our parish; and then learn more about them.

Particularly interesting is to understand more about when each of these were being used, relative to each other; and the time between each era of activity.

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