Pre Glaciation

Tiny fossils of the oldest animal known ever were found in Benderloch -coral like life forms that have been found to be 650 million years old !

Is the oldest animal Scottish Edinburgh Geology Society journal April 2011 pg 17 - and from Ardchattan ?
Dr Martin Litherland, from Loughborough, dug up coral-like specimens close to Beregonium in 1967 and initially believed them to be common finds dating back to the Cambrian period about 520 million years ago. However, recent work to find the age of the rocks has now suggested they are around 650 million years old, which predate the previous oldest known so far the 560 million-year-old Charnia fossil which was discovered in the Charnwood Forest.
These could be some of the very earliest life forms from which all others evolved.

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