Post Office Directory Scotland 1862 Bonaw

This department of the work forms a comprehensive Clerical, Legal, Medical, and Banking Directory for Scotland : Noblemen, Gentlemen, lists of the Clergy of every denomination, Notaries-Public, Medical Practitioners, Bankers, and Hotel-keepers.

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As a general rule, the last work in the address of every letter should be the name of the Post-office from which the letter is to be delivery.
The names of the Sub PostOffices are added in Italics, and the name of the County is given, in the instances in which it is requiste or desirable that this should form part of the address.
Throughout the first part of the Directory, the postal address appears between the colons, after the name of the residence, and this is followed by the name of the owner or occupant. In the second part, this order is reversed, the name of the owner or occupant appearing first, followed by the residence and postal address.

Achabeg: Kingairloch, Bonaw: D McInnes
Acharcale. SP : Bonaw : 57.5 miles. Manse Rev Donald M Simpson
Acharn : Kingairlock, Bonaw : O H Smith
Acharra : Duror, Bonaw : D Livingston, surgeon
Achinduin : Lismore, Bonaw: village.
Achinlochan : Bonaw : Alex McCalman, farmer
Achleinen : Morvern, Bonaw : Peter Munro, farmer
Achaleven : Bonaw : D McCallum, farmer
Achnacone House : Appin, Bonaw : Charles A Stewart of Achnacone
Achnacree : Bonow : D Sinclair, farmer
Achnadarroch : Duror, Bonaw : R McIntyre
Achnaha : Morvern, Bonaw : D McInnes, Farmer
Airds : Bonaw : village
Airds House : Appin, Bonaw, R Macfie of Airds

Ardchattan Manse : Bonaw : Rev D McCalman
Ardchattan FC Manse : Bonaw : Rev D sutherland
Ardchattan Priory : Bonaw : Mrs Strachan J Popham
Ardgour SO : Bonaw : 31 miles from Bonaw
Ardgour House : Ardgour, Bonaw : Alex McLean of Ardgour
Ardness : Morvern, Bonaw : J McGregor, farmer
Ardsheilach : Strontian, Bonaw : J Howie, MD
Ardsheil House : Bonaw : J McLachlan
Ardvoulin House : Ardgour, Bonaw : Mrs W Bruce
Arihoulan : Ardgour, Bonaw : Alex. McVean
Balure, Barcaldine : Ledaig, Bonaw : D Donaldson
Balure, Lochnell: Ledaig, Bonaw : Angus Paterson
Bannavoulin, SO : Bonaw, 75 miles
Barcaldine House : Bonaw : Rev Allan Gordon Cameron of Barcaldine
Barguillen : Bonaw : J & A McDougall, farmers
Barriemore : Appin, Bonaw : Mrs D A Campbell of Barriemore
Cadderby : Bonaw : Samuel McIntyre, farmer
Crigan : Bonaw : John McColl, farmer
Culcharren Ledaig, Bonaw : D McKenzie, far
Culnadallach : Bonaw : Duncan McInnes, farmer
Dail : Bonaw : Duncan Kennedy, farmer
Dalacoolish : Bonaw : Hugh McColl, famer
Duntanachan : Bonaw : Duncan Clark, farmer


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