Post Glaciation

Our ecology recovered rapidly after the ice left, we were one of the last areas to be covered in ice in the last Lomond Ice Age, so all around us was burgeoning life, seeds, and more to be swept into the area by the wind and the tide to recolonise.

(the Younger Dryas era)

It will be interesting to learn more about this .. need to find references and those with expertise in this area.
What on the ground can show us this part of our history ?

After the Ice Age the landscape was scoured and barren. The mountains had been strafed by 1500 metres of ice but as this melted over the centuries there were increasing depths of material which had been brought down from north and east, ground up and deposited.
Over the next ___ years these became soils
[how long would this have taken, what microbes, how long before insects]

How long before insects
How long before birds
How long before Mammals
how long before Man
How did the temperature / climate change over the next 10,000 years

an presentation by James Fenton on Highland upland ecology -

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