Parochial Board

Does anyone else have notes from the parochial board records of the parish ?
PLEASE please share if you do .. these are some of the richest resources to learn of the people and the lives of the parish.

In 1845 The New Poor Law Scotland Act was put onto the Statute, so there is a set of books containing the records of the new Parochial Board for Ardchattan.
Parish relief around Scotland was notorious for hostility between the Heritors and Kirk Session, with much suspiscion as to how the money was used. As we get to transcribe the records in Lochgilphead we will see what the relationship between them is in Ardchattan.
So far I have found the records from 1845, held by Argyll and Bute archives in Lochgilphead, its likely that any older ones are lost as so many of Argyll’s records are. If you find any please let us know, and if you can help with the transcribing in Lochgilphead, even if its just a page, it would be wonderful. It will take years otherwise
Heritors = landowners of the Parish – fuller explanation

Parochial Board /Parish Council
Minute book 1845 – 1859
At the church of Ardchattan the ninth day of October Eighteen hundred and forty five.
The Heritors and Kirk Session of Ardchattan being met and constituted under the provisions of the statute 8 and 9 Victoria cass[p] 83 and by authority from the Board of Supervision as per letter from the Secretary bearing date 29 September 1845 now produced

Archibald Campbell Esq of Lochnell
D C Cameron Esq of Barcaldine
Sir Alexander Campbell for Breadalbane and Monzie
Mr Popham of Archattan for the Trustees
Mr Campbell of Glenmore for the Trustees of Stonefield.
The Reverend McKenzie Minister of Parliamentary Church of Muckairn
Archibald MacIlriach Elder
Colin Campbell Do
John Clark Do
John MacArthur do
Dugald MacIlriach Elder
Peter MacDougall do
Mr Cameron of Barcaldine was chosen preses
A Preses is a bodie that presides ower a convene or collogu

Sir Alexander Campbell protested against any Heritor or Elder of the Parish of Muckairn acting or voting at this meeting of the Parochial Board of the Parish of Ardchattan as the management of the Poor in both parishes has been hitherto separate and that this meeting has been called only for the Parish of Ardchattan and Muckairns not mentioned in the correspondence between the Boards of Supervision and the Minister and Kirk Session of the Parish

Mr MacCalman stated in explanation that he had called this meeting strictly in accordance with the instructions he received from the board of Supervision as per the letter 5th September last, and that no separate communication has been made by said board regarding the Parish of Muckairn which was formerly united with the Parish of Ardchattan until the present Parliamentary Church was build in 1829.

It was then proposed by Mr Popham that the point whether the above two parishes should be held as combined parishes or separate with regard to the management of their Poor should be referred to the Bard of Supervision for their opinion which was seconded by Mr Cameron of Barcaldine and agreed to.

It was moved by Mr Campbell of Glenmore that a committee be appointed to inspect the whole of the Poor’s Roll of Ardchattan and Muckairn and to report thereon at the net meeting of the Parochial Board, which being seconded was agreed to, and the following committee was appointed viz –
Mr Cameron of Barcaldine
Mr Popham of Ardchattan
Mr MacCalman Ardchattan
Mr L MacKenzie Muckairn
Mr Colin Campbell Elder
Mr Dugald McIlriachElder
Mr Cameron Convenor? Off side of page

The meeting unanimously resolved that the Poor should be divided into four classes
1- First Class to consist of Bedridden Paupers who have no friends to assist and no other means of support to be allowed three shillings per week
2- Second Class – two shillings a week
3- Third Class – one shilling and sixpence per week
4- Fourth Class – one shilling per week

The meeting then took into consideration how the funds necessary for the support of the poor should be raised, when it was resolved that a voluntary assessment be adopted, one half to be provided by the Heritors, and the other by the Tenants, occupants of Lands, Houses, and others according to the amount of their Rents, from which resolution Sir Alexander Campbell for Mr Campbell of Monzie dissented.

The meeting resolved unanimously to appoint Mr Colin Campbell schoolmaster at Ledaig Inspector and Collector for the Parish of Ardchattan.

Sir Alexander Campbell proposed that the appointment be an annual one, which was seconded by Mr popham and the vote being taken the motion was negatived.

Mr Campbell of Lochnell proposed that Mr John Cameron Postmaster Bonaw be appointed Inspector and Collector for the parish of Muckairn which was agreed to, on the same footing with Mr Colin Campbell.

The meeting agreed that the salary of the Inspectors and Collector for Ardchattan shall be fifteen pounds sterling yearly, and that the salary of the Inspector and Collector for Muckairn shall be twn pounds sterling.

The meeting resolves to adjourn until Mopnday the twentieth instant at the church of Ardchttan closed with prayer

At the Church of Ardchattan the twentieth day of October Eighteen hundred and forty five.
The Heritors and Kirk Session of Ardchattan and Muckaird being met here this day according to adjournment

Archibald Campbell Esq of Lochnell
D C Cameron Esq of Ardchattan
John Campbell Esq of Glenmore
Revd Donald MacCalman – moderator
Archibald McIlriach Elder
John McArthur elder

The minutes of last meeting being read and approved, Mr Colin Campbell reported that he had transmitted a copy of the same to the Board of Supervision togehter with a letter from himself, which is as follows.

Lochnell School by Bonaw
Sir 11th October 1845
I am directed by the Parochial Board of the Parish of Ardchattan to transmit to you the enclosed Copy of a Minute of their proceedings at their meeting on the 9th Currt
The Roll of Paupers is not yet adjusted a committee being appointed for the purpose to meet on the 16th , but it will probably require to be reised by the adjournment meeting on 20th, after which a copy will be sent.
I have been appointed Inspector for the Parish of Ardchattan, your early communitcationh with instructions will oblige, Sirs
Your Obt humble servant
Colin Campbell
W Smythe Esq Secretary Board of Supervision
He then submitted to the meeting a letter received from the Secretary of the Board of Supervision which is as follows.

Board of Supervision
Edinburgh 15 October 1845
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letters dated 11th October informing me that you have been appointed Inspector of the Poor for the Parish of Ardchattan, and enclosing copy minutes of meeting of the parochial Board of that Parish held on9th October.
The Parliamentary Parish of Muckairn not being desjoined from the Parish of Ardchattan Quod et civiliae??? They are not considered to the management of the Poor, but are represented by the Parochial Board of Ardchattan composed of the Heritors and Kirk Session of that parish.
[note in margin – Ardchattan and Muckairn – one parish]
I ahve entered Mr Colin Campbell as Inspector of the poor for the Muckairn District of the parish of Ardchattan.
I am
Your Obed Servt
Signed W Smythe Secretary

Mr Colin Campbell
Inspector of Poor
Lochnell School

The meeting taking the foregoing into consideration unanimously appointied MR Colin Campbell Inspector and Collector for the united Parish of Ardchattan and Muckairn at a salary of Twenty pounds Sterling yearly for the performance of both offices in the said united parish

The committee appointed at last meeting to examine and classify the list of paupers gave in the following report. [the note in italics is written in after]
1st Class
1 Betty McIntyre, Barcaldine
2 Widow, Clark’s family Runacloich
3 Widow McCallums family Ledaig
4 Widow Sincliar’s family Rugarve
5 Widow Campbell’s family do.
6 Sarah McIntrye & daughter Inveresregan

2nd Class
1 Donald McDonald Ferlochan Crofts [dead]
2 Janet McGregor, Black Crofts
3 John McColl & wife, Baravulin
4 Catharine McCallum, Ledaig [dead]
5 Ann Black Seabank [dead]
6 Margaret McColl, Inveresregan
7 Widow McFarlane at Alexandria
8 Mary McIlriach, Black Crofts
9 Peter Campbell, Balure, Barcaldine
10 Archibald MacPherson’s orphans Balure Barcaldine

3rd Class
1 Duncan McKenzie Ledaig
2 John McCalman, Ledaig [dead]
3 Widow McCallum, Ledaig [dead]
4 Duncan McLean, Balure Bonaw [dead]
5 Widow Stewart, Achnacreemore [dead]
6 Widow drummond, Achnaba [dead]
7 Widow Livingstone, Kinloch [dead]
8 Widow Rankin, Rugarve [dead]
9 Marg. McIntyre, Rugarve [dead]
10 Widow McKichan, Dalrannoch
11 Widow McIntyre, Old Castle
12 Widow Camichael, Old Castle [dead]
13 Widow Carmichael, Salthouse Crofts
14 Margaret Cameron in Glasgow [dead]
15 Widow McIntyre, Ardachy [dead]
16 Archibald Carmichael, Achnacreebeg [dead]
17 Mary McCallum, Kenacraig

4th Class
1 Duncan McKenzie’s wife, Ledaig
2 Catherine Sinclair, :Ledaig
3 Jean Sinclair, Ledaig [dead]
4 Ann Mcleron/ Lean, Balure, Bonaw
5 Widow Campbell, Balure Bonaw
6 Duncan McCail, Balure Bonaw [dead]
7 Lilias McKenzie, Balure Bonaw [dead]
8 Widow Carmichael, Achacha
9 Widow McColl, Achnacreemore
10 Janet McKim, Achnacreemore
11 Catherine MCArthur, Achnacreemore
12 Anabella Clark Achnacreemore
13 Widow McColl’s boy, Keil
14 Ann McGregor Keil
15 Widow Munro Balure Lochnell
16 Hugh McColl Dalhulish
17 Margaret McIntrye Ferlochan [dead]
18 Margaret Cunningham, Barcaldine
19 Colin Cowan Seabank [dead]
20 Archibald Cunningham Achanrier
21 Marg. McLaren Achnacreebeg
22 Widow Thomson, Culnadalloch
23 Hannah Brown [dead]

Owing to the inclemency of hte day it having blown a hurricane all day, the session clerk and elders fo Muckairn could not cross Loch Etive, The meeting therefore appointed Mr Cameron of Barcaldine, Mr Popham of Ardchattan, Revd Donald MacCalman, Revd L McKenzie Minister of Muckairn, Dugald McIlriach and Peter McDougall Elder, to be a standing committee along with the Inspector to revise the list of Paupers in the district of Muckairn and determine the same.
Mr MacCalman convenor

The meeting having taken into consideration that all the Heritors in the united parish of Ardchattan and Muckairn excepting one have together with the Kirk Session of said united parish agreed to a volunmtary contribution the one half to be paid by the eritors and teh other half by the Tenants according to the present rental, have resolved to adapt the voluntary contribution as now explained for six months reserving power to themselves thereafter to adopt a legal assessment if they see cause.

The meeting agreed that the Inspector should take the rental adopted by the Road Surveyor of the district as his rule for caluclating the proportion payable by each.
The meeting resolved to recomment to Kirk Session to use all diligence to continue the voluntary offering in the church as formerly after Divine Service

It was agreed by the meetng that the date of the provision now agreed upon for the Poor should commence formthe term of Martinmas next, old style, vis the twenty third day of November next.
Closed with prayer DC Cameron

Popham of Ardchattan
Rev MacKenzie Minister of Muckairn
Rev Dond MacCalman Min of Ardchattan
Dugald McIlriach Elder
Peter Mcdougal
Along with I Cameron and C Campell inspectors.

Correspondences about inspectors – mistake about Mr Colin Campbell being inspector for Muckairn parish of Ardchattan
Meeting agreed to revert to original decision of two inspectors.

By 1846 they had had to set up a legal assessment as there were too many defaulters..
The rest of this is notes as I was running out of time, the information about people is transcribed

4th March 1846
A claim of deductions was givben in by Mr Buchanan Blarcreen which being unaccompanied by the relative vouchers was referred to the committee (above named)

A petition having been given in by seventy two residents on the lands occupied by the Lorn Furnace company in Muckairn claiming on the score of poverty to be relieved from the payment of the poor assessment payable by them their rental varying from £2,12/ to £17..

It having been intimated at the same time that Mr Kelly the manager for said company intended at Whitsunday next to lay a rent on all the paupers of the lands of the company the said paupers heretofou having their homes and potato grounds rent free, This board views such proceedings with dismay and appoint the Inspectors to forward a copy thereof to the Boards of Supervision for their advice.

New applicants considered at Barcaldine House in february 1846
The following were recommended to be admitted to the roll of Paupers vis –

3rd Class
John McArthur Salen Crofts
Widow McCalman Culnadalloch

4th Class
Widow Brown Kiel
Anne McPhail Culcharran
Mary McCail Balure Bonaw
Mary Clark Achnaba
Alex Allen Balure Bonaw
Widow McCallum Airds
John McIntyre Airds
Sarah McCalman Coilnaish
Widow McColl’s Boy at Kiel to be raised from Class 4 to Class 3
Donald McDonald (Blind) to receieve one pound additional for house rent.
Rachel McCalman Kirktown to recieve an occasional aid of one pound Sterling The Doctor to visit her to ascertain whether or not her blindness is incurable.
Anne McDonald Barantachain to receive ten shillings of ocacasional aid.
Jean Carmichael Ferlochan to recieve ten shillings of occasional aid.
Isabella McIlreach Kiel to receive occasional relief.
Anne Kennedy Achnacreedbeg to receive occasional aid should the Inspector ascertian that she is in destitude circumstances.

Widow McDonald or Mary Cunningham Ferlochan As her family are all grown up and should be able to assist and that she appears to enjoy good health and lives beside her brothers who are farmers from whom she has a free house and potato ground her admision on the roll is in themean time is refused.

Malcolm McDonald Runacloich As he has a house garden and cow’s free from Lochnell and that he is generally empolyed in fishing & granting relief to his daughter is in the mean time delayed.

Marjery Stewart, Kiel as let is reported that she has money lying at intereste her application is not in the mean time complied wth.

Mary MacGregor Lyelt, Her case is referred to Oban as her husband had not a settlement in the united Parish

Alex McColl Balure Barcaldine Medical and percunairy occasional aid to be continued till he so far recovers as to be able to earn something towards the support of his family.

Archibald McColl Lochnell occasional aid to be continued

Anne McIntyre Old Castle her illegitimate boy who is deserted by his father is to get a pair of shoes

Janet McCallum or Widow McKenzie though a native of this parish and remained many years in it she has lost her settlement in it by industrical residence in Glasgow and it is doubtful whether she has again required a settlement here, as she has lately recieved at the rate of four pounds a year for her two boys and shall reeive at the rate of two pounds for one of therein form the Glasgow Poor funds the consideration of her case is delayed for future inquiry.

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