Napoleonic Wars

How did the Napoleonic Wars affect our communities

  • men away to fight - General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell 1763-1837 raised troups for the Duke of Argyll, he was Colonel of the regiment for 1796–1837
  • Woodland management - Timber imports had been stopped, and so home grown was in demand.

The 91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot
:- was a Line Regiment of the British Army, raised in 1794 by General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell for John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll.
Initially it was the 98th (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, and raised in response to the threat posed by the French Revolution, on 10 February 1794.
The regiment took part in the invasion of the Cape Colony in June 1795 and witnessed the surrender of the colony by Dutch Forces in September 1795.
The regiment was re-ranked as the 98th (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot in May 1796 before embarking for England in January 1803.

The 1st Battalion (see the wiki page for all the references and more detail links etc.)

  • Germany December 1805 - February 1806
  • Portugal in June 1808 for service in the Peninsular War.
  • Battle of Roliça / Vimeiro in August 1808
  • Battle of Corunna in January 1809 & subsequent evacuation from the Peninsula.

The regiment renamed the 91st Regiment of Foot in April 1809.

  • returned to the Peninsula in September 1812[
  • Battle of Vitoria in June 1813 and the Battle of Sorauren in July 1813.
  • Battle of the Nive in November 1813
  • Battle of Nivelle in December 1813
  • Battle of Orthez in February 1814
  • Battle of Toulouse in April 1814.
  • embarked for Ostend in April 1815 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel William Douglas,
  • covered the road to Brussels while the Battle of Waterloo was taking place in June 1815.
  • The battalion formed part of the 6th Brigade under Major General George Johnstone which in turn formed part of the 4th Division under Sir Charles Colville's.
  • The battalion also formed one of the columns that stormed the fortress town of Cambrai later that month.
  • It returned to England in November 1818.

Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot to form the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1881.

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