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Argyllshire Highlanders

The men of this area were predominantly recruited for the British Army.
There is anecdotal evidence that some were Jacobites, but following Culloden in 1746, they would all have gone to war on behalf of the Crown.

BOOK reference A History of the Scottish Highlands, Highland Clans and Highland Regiments edited by Sir John Scott Keltie

Our various estates were required to raise men for the army called upon by the Duke of Argyll, and Duke of Breadalbane.
The sons of these estates chose the army as their careers away from the area.
Recruiting men to fight for the wars in America, France, India etc had a significant affect on the land use development as the men spent so much time away, were killed in action; and also to the tenantry afterwards, as returning soldiers were handed land in repayment.
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This is discussed in Military Recruiting in the Scottish Highlands 1739-1815: the Political, Social and Economic Context. Andrew Mackillop A Thesis Presented for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Glasgow, September 1995 around pages 340 .. including this observation

This is indeed the picture that emerges when the impact of returning soldiery is considered.
In simple terms, this amounted to a long term settlement and management problem of
significant dimensions. As late as March 1822, Maclame of Lochbuie noted regarding
affairs on a neighbour's estate. "Every vacancy on Lochnell's estate is I may engage, ten
deep to old soldiers and other followers."

(this paper concludes) In the Scottish Highlands, the era from 1739-1815 was a period of transition during which the entire social and economic structure of the area was irredeemably altered. This thesis has attempted to question how the seemingly traditional activity of military service both integrated with and influenced these changes.

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Record of the Argyll men, including those of Ardchattan, who fought in the African war
Boer War Roll of Honour in Inverary Parish Church.
UKNIWM No: 44621 UKNIWM Description: Roll of Service of those who served in the South African War 1899 – 1902 From the district of Glenaray and the Burgh of Inverary.
Argyllshire Men who served in the South African War 1899 – 1902
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12512292_10153357258841724_7658387343800185274_n.jpg?oh=b93648db1faa37597efabf74f2cc294f&oe=5737FD12Memorial to those who laid down their lives in World War One (in Achnaba Kirk)
tn_ww1-solo.jpgMemorial to those who laid down their lives in World War Two (in Achnaba Kirk)
tn_ww2-solo.jpgMemorial to Ensign John Peter Fraser (J M Briscoe)
flickr:9586829082Memorial from Oban Times of Ardchattan Parish Church (J M Briscoe)
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