There are a variety of research sources to help understand the geography, geology and settlements of the parish.

At the Archive we have a selection of Ordinance Survey maps, as well as printed copies of the old maps.
On the computer we have access to the weblinks, and many of the pages saved as pdfs, some will be printed if not too long.

NLS maps direct to Benderloch,-5.3691&from=1580&to=1970

Google map for Ardchattan parish adding information all the time .. //is there anyone who can teach us about Google Earth layers so we could create a more versatile and powerful map with date layers?

Viking Map of Scotland

Old Maps of Scotland : The interactive Georeferenced Maps - Spy viewer comparing the modern and ancient maps are lovely

Scotlandsplaces is the resource for the Place names research taken in the latter half of the 1800s to inform the first Ordnance Survey maps
(there is a farm steading Ardchattan in Aberdeenshire ..

National library of Scotland maps of Ardchattan, you can explore the map makers take on the area through the centuries. OS 1871 is the first really accurate map.,-5.1338

Modern Maps
Forestry Scotland for Barcaldine forest

Geograph starting at Benderloch
National Library of Scotland maps site
Forestry commission - great details maps
CAIRT - The newsletter of the Scottish Maps Forum, 'Cairt', is issued twice a year. Issues are available as PDF files.
Curious Traveller map of Pennant and Boswells travels compare their Tours in Scotland, 1769 and 1772 with modern maps side by side
British Spy Map revealed

2016 - new transcription project to add the names, features and locations on to OS 1900 maps of the UK - : Historians and linguists need your help. By contributing to this project you’ll be helping to compile the most detailed list of historic places in Britain.

pdf of a Talk to the Lorn Archaeological Society on Lorn on the Map - a cartographic voyage over four centuries by Chris Fleet, National Library of Scotland Feb 2012

1941 War office maps have good detail of the line in our area
3 maps north to south -

1930s Land Use map Loch Etive and Glen Coe - Land Utilisation Survey, Scotland, 1931-1935
1871 surveyed -OS six inch 6 inch OS Survey date: 1870 Publication date: 1874-75

Glen Ure
Balure, Eriska - Dallacholish, Loch Creran
Connel and Ardchattan
Leiter and Ben Cruachan - recorded in Ardchattan in 1861 census

1801 Langlands map drawn up for the Duke of Argyll
1745 Dorret, James, fl. 1744-1761, An accurate map of Scotland drawn from all the particular surveys…... Published: 1761
1747 - 1751 Roy Military Map

The Roy map is the first surveyed map of Scotland, and holds a vast amount of detail that had never been captured by a single map before : however there are omissions. This may be due to the accuracy or otherwise of the resources they used to fill in the details- "Only selected landscape features, such as roads, rivers and lochs, were instrumentally surveyed this way. The remaining landscape features - towns and settlements, enclosures and woodland, as well as relief - were sketched in by eye or copied from existing maps."1. 'Without doubt, Roy's map is one of the most intriguing and at the same time infuriating documents available to the researcher into Scotland's past landscapes,', according to Whittington and Gibson (The Military Survey of Scotland 1747-1755: A Critique, 1986, p.61).

1745 Culloden map by the Jacobean side
1734 Cowley Duke of Argylls Estate mentions Glenkinglas Iron Furnace
1654 blaeu-map Blaeu map And link to Merklands valuations of locations in Ardchattan that uses Blaeu and Pont places

online resources The Forestry Commission map - really good
Google Maps
Ordance Survey maps

| Loch Linnhe, Southern Part 1863 - Admiralty Charts of Scotland, 1795-1904
Lochs Etive and Creran 1861 Admiralty Charts of Scotland, 1795-1904

pathfinder - great maps for getting around but we do need a lot to cover the parish
We are still looking for extra copies of these for workshops especially the ones of the peripheral areas.
NM 85/95 Duror : NN 05 / 15 Glencoe (Top of Creran and Dalness : NN 25/35 (308) Rannoch (top of Glenetive)
NM 84/94 Benderloch : NN 04 / 14 Creran Etive : NN 24/34 : Glenorchy
NM 83/93 Ledaig N Connel : NN 03/13 Loch Etive : NN 23/33 Bridge of Orchy
NM 82/92 Connel

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