Macintyres At Culloden

The MacIntyres included on the Jacobite Muster Roll
and the regiments they fought under.
The names, some occupations, as well as the home location.

Stewarts of Appin (Present at Culloden)

  • Donald MacIntyre, Coull, Appin Estate
  • Duncan MacIntyre, Aucharn, Airds Estate
  • John MacIntyre, Kinlochlaigh, Appin Estate
  • Duncan MacIntyre, Brewer, Kinlochiel (Transported)

Kilmarnocks Horse (Present at Culloden)

  • Daniel MacIntyre

Atholl Brigade (Present at Culloden)

  • Alexander MacIntyre, Merchant, Keltney Burn (Lurking)
  • (Standard Bearer)

Earl of Cromarty (Ambushed day before Culloden)

  • Donald MacIntyre, Servant, Milton, Kilimuir (Majority of Regiment were killed or Transported)

MacDonell of Glengarry (Present at Culloden)

  • John MacIntyre, Graskie (Surrendered 15.5.1746, Died?)

MacDonell of Keppoch (Present at Culloden)

  • Angus MacIntyre, Baggageman, Perthshire (Deserted, taken prisoner Nov.1745, Pardoned)

MacPhersons of Cluny
(Within a few miles of Drummosie Moor when met fugitives from battle, formed rearguard of retreat)
(All of the following Surrendered)

  • Alexander MacIntyre, Garben
  • Alexander MacIntyre, Nuid
  • Donald MacIntyre, Coraldie
  • Donald MacIntyre, Coronach
  • Donald MacIntyre, Dalannach
  • Donald MacIntyre, Nuid
  • Donald MacIntyre, Phoness
  • Duncan MacIntyre, Crathyerog
  • Duncan MacIntyre, Renrumknock
  • John MacIntyre, Alvie
  • John MacIntire, Ruthven
  • John MacIntire, Nuid
  • John MacIntyre, Shirramore
  • Malcolm MacIntyre, Balannach

Two MacIntyre women, Ann and Mary, were among nine MacIntyres taken prisoner earlier in the campaign. They were transported to Antigua, where it is unlikely they survived.

Duncan Ban MacIntyre was one of many other MacIntyres in fencible forces, who fought on the Government side, he was in the battle of Falkirk, having been nominated. He threw away his sword after the battle.
His later poetry expressed some sympathy for the Jacobite cause, especially after the Proscription of Highland culture during the genocide that followed the 1745 Rising. (more details on his page)

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