Lochnell Estate
  • Lochnell Charters. A manuscript at Luchnell quoted in the New Stat. Ace, states that the barony was granted to the church by King Malcolm III. and his Queen Margaret, was leased by Bishop Ferquhard to Macdougal of Lorn, and on his refusal to pay the dues was granted to Sir John Campbell, who after some resistance wrested it from Macdougal. No reliance can be placed on this statement.1

Article in North British Daily Mail about Lochnell (highland tour)
North British Daily Mail 22 Sept 1852
Tour of the Highlands

The opposite side of the loch is the property of Lochnell, an entailed estate which has undergone strange mutations of ownership since old General Campbell's death. If anything were awanting to show the evils of that old world system of feudal prescription, the history of Lochnell within the last twenty years or less would point a moral, as well as prove an excellent groundwork for a romance. Old General Campbell's successor only enjoyed the estate a few months when he died, and his family of daughters were at once turned out of house and home, from affluence to penury. The next heir soon died, as did also his successor; and we believe the estate is now in the hands of the trustees of an extensive army agent who became bankrupt some years ago.
General Campbell built what is called in the district "a show house" or round tower, on the culminating point of the high ground behind the mansion house, from whence a most magnificant view is to be obtained of one of the finest panoramas in the West Highlands. The grounds around Lochnell are well laid out, but not now kept in the order they were wont to be. there is a curious tradition, and so far confirmed by experience that no son of the laird of Lochnell will ever succeed the father. The tradition is founded upon the circumstance that when the mansion house, which is magnificent, was being built, the laird cut down some venerable yews growing in a churchyard that was considered more than usually sanctimonious, with which to form the grand staircase. The prediction or curse followed this act of sacrilegious vandalism, and has been as yet fulfilled to the letter, for no son has succeeded the father in Lochnell since that time. However, there are many cases where like results have occurred without the traditional curse, but they are not considered as remarkable, and escape observation. The prophecy, at all events, fixes attention upon the circumstance, and they are then looked upon in the relation of cause and effect.
(then moves on to Dunstaffnage)

Glasgow Herald 10 Mar 1856 Mon P 6
Rejoicings at Lochnell

Upon the news arriving here last week that the present laird of Lochnell was now the undisputed proprietor of the extensive estates of his ancestors, the tenantry on his estates determined to celebrate this auspicious event with every demonstration of respect and attachment to the young laid. The tenantry on Lochnell, Muckairn, Lismore, and Benderloch, to the number of upwards of three hundred, assembled at Lochnell, and quaffed a flowing bumper to the long life, prosperity and happiness of Lochnell, who, by his courteous and gentlemanly deportment, and the real and unaffected kindness of heart evinced in all his intercourse with the tenantry, has endeared himself not only to the whole body of his tenants, but to all with whom he has come in contact. Various other appropriate toasts were given, and were received with great applause; and the number meeting departed in high glee and good humour after giving three parting cheers, such as Highlanders only can give, for Lochnell and his speedy arrival in the country. In the evening several bonfires appeared on the hills above Ledaig and Lailt, which were fired amidst rounds of artillery which had been procured from Oban for the occasion. We understand the above proceedings are nothing to what is expected when Lochnell comes down in person in May next.

1914 - 23 Jul Lochnell estate for sale in The Times

Ref No Title Date
CS96 Productions in processes 1495-1947
CountryCode GB
RepCode 234
RefNo CS96/2454
Repository National Archives of Scotland
Title Earl of Douglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Dundonald. Judicial Factor's accounts
Date 1942-1943
Extent 69pp
Description Judicial Factors: William Elgin, CA, Edinburgh; Robert Gordon Simpson, CA, Edinburgh. The earl died in 1935. Includes rentals and accounts
of Lochnell estate
; Gwrych Castle estate, Abergele, North Wales; property at Port of-Spain, Trinidad.
AccessStatus Open
FormerRef Process: CS 46/1948 November/12

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