need to find these document references NRA 934/58779/30 Lochnell Muniments
NRA 934 refers to National Archives Kew - but it is an online catalogue to Yorkshire families )
NRA 934 Beswick family of Gristhorpe: deeds and papers


Lochnell House is a large classical and baronial battlemented mansion of three and four storeys, which has been added to and extended down the centuries. It incorporated part of a 17th-century block in one wing. The house was damaged by a serious fire about 1853 but has since been mostly restored.

The house is called after the family’s older residence on an island in Loch Nell which is visible on the Blaeu Map of 1654 [NM 8982281], which is about 3 miles east and south of Oban by Kilmore.
Lochnell House was built by the Sir Duncan Campbell, 7th of Lochnell.

Lettirnanalla means the lands lying on the sloping side of Loch Nell. (at Kilmore)
The island, which seems partly artificial, was obviously a rude strong- hold, and as late as 1527 Archibald Campbell of Lerog had a fee for ' the keeping of the isle of Lochnell.’ In an old inventory at Inveraray there is noted a resignation on 24 June 1498 in favour of Argyll by Reginaldus Mac Ian vie Alan du of Lome, and Dugald and John his brothers, of all right to the 64 merklands of Lochnanella.
And the names of these 64 merklands, which include the isle of Lochnell, are given in detail in a Charter of Confirmation of 1666 to Archibald Campbell then of Lochnell.
They also include Leaddage and Ardmucknish in the Benderloch, where the present castle of Lochnell stands.1

The Blaeu map of Lorn (1654) shows an occupied island in the middle of Loch Nell with a second empty island nestled in a bay at the north-west end. An NI in that area again shows no signs of occupation while the exposed AI called Rubha na Moine 170 (NMRS NM82NE 22) appears the best candidate for the chief residence of the Campbell of Lochnell sept which emerged with John Campbell 1st of Lochnell (who died at the battle of Langside in 1568). The clan’s interests in the area stretched back at least to the reign
of Robert I who granted Sir Arthur Campbell the two penny land of ‘Letternanalla’
(NAS GD112/75/103). references to the lands in c.1385 and in 1498 when they were bought by the Campbells of Argyll from the MacDougalls (Highland Papers, Vol. 4, 194) Freshwater Scottish loch settlements of the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods PhD thesis

In the 1600's Campbell of Lochnell moved his seat to the north of their lands in Ardchattan. This is similar to the move from Inishial and Kilchurn to Barcaldine and other mainland sites.
1741 the house at Ardmucknish - serious fire
1853 a second serious fire at Lochnell house, newly extended. restoration not finished until 1885

In default of male descendants of John, fourth Duke of Argyll, The Campbells of Lochnell are heirs to the titles and estates.

? - 1568
John "Gorm" Campbell, of Carrick, 1st of Lochnell ?? - 15 May 1568 killed at battle of Langside
? - 1594
Archibald Campbell, 2nd of Lochnell Abt 1530 Lochnell - 4 Oct 1594 killed at battle of Glenlivet. Banffshire
John CAMPBELL 4th of Lochnell dies
Pont / Blaeu Map indicate a settlement at Ardmucknish, but not a particularly important house, but there is significant habitation on the island at Lochnell Kilmore
SC54/20/8 Documents relating to the Valuation Roll of 1688. 1687
SC54/20/8/2 Ardchattan (Ballivodan) and Muckairn. 1687
Country code GB Repository code 234 Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference SC54/20/8/2/15
Title Rental of Alexander Campbell of Lochnell.
Dates 24 Aug 1687
Access status Open Location Off site
Description Derinaseir (Doire-nan-Saor) and Inchnageroick ?; Putachan (Puttich), Narachan (Narrachan), Ardmadie (Ardmaddy), Inverkinglass, Inverlivar (Inverliver), Beach, Achacharn (Acharn), Ardmucknish, Dalichruinich (Dalchruineach), Keill (Kiel), Eriskea (Eriska) and Derinacuech, Leitag (Ledaig), and the ferry croft in the parish of Ardchattan; and Ballegown (Balligown), Killchenich (Killiechoinich) and Kilmore in the parish of Kilmore.
1691- 1694
hearth tax Alexander of Lochnell is in Midlothian at a house with 5 hearths. no rental https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/digital-volumes/historical-tax-rolls/hearth-tax-records-1691-1695/hearth-tax-records-midlothian-volume-2-edinburgh-city/99
Date: 1715 Oct 7 Reference: SP 54/9/26A The National Archives, Kew
Description: Lord Justice Clerk Cockburne, on alarm in Edinburgh at news of an insurrection in Northumberland; reporting that Campbell of Lochnell presented himself at court and was allowed to return to Argyll; also renewing his proposal of an indemnity for surrendering Jacobites
Legal status: Public Record available to view at Kew
Townshend to Lord Justice Clerk. On the gaining of Campbell of Lochnell in The National Archives, Kew

SP 55 - Secretaries of State: State Papers Scotland: Letter Books /SP 55/3 - Duke of Montrose, Lord Townshend and James Stanhope. (Described at item level).
Date: 1715 Oct 11 Reference: SP 55/3/138
Description:Townshend to Lord Justice Clerk. On the gaining of Campbell of Lochnell (and his adherence to the Duke of Argyll as a result of the indemnity), intelligence from the Earl of Scarborough about dwindling rebel numbers in the north of England, the marching of the three regiments of dragoons to the borders of Scotland and the sending over of Dutch and Swiss troops.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
This record is not yet digitised

Date : 1715 Oct 23 Reference: SP 54/9/80 open record at Kew
Description: Islay, reporting the arrival of Gordon's regiment at Inverary, and their departure when they saw his defences: he will endevour to make their journey home very difficult. Also recommending Campbell of Lochnell for his zeal in the king's service
Townshend to Hay regarding the bail of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell The National Archives, Kew

Reference: SP 55/3/153
Description: Townshend to Hay regarding the bail of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, and the coming of the Pretender to Chateau-Thierry

Date: 1715 Nov 4
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Correspondence and papers of the Murrays of Stanhope, volume I: mainly correspondence of Sir Alexander Murray, including with Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, Donald Campbell of Octomore and other Campbells, 1715-1740, and undated.
GB233/Adv.MS.29.1.1 Correspondence and papers of the Murrays of Stanhope. Purchase of estates in Ardnamurchan (bought in 1726 from Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, in order to develop the lead mines at Strontian) - an opportunity missed for Lochnell.
the house at Ardmucknish is being built - ?how many years had it been.. Was there a dwelling there before .. some indication from anedotal records on Ancestry that they were living in Ardmucknish in the earlier part of the 1700s
Caledonian Mercury 06 March 1741 - EDINBURGH, March 6. On Monday was fe.n-night, at 11 Forenoon, a Fire broke out in the Upper-apartments of the House of Ardmuckness in Argyleihire, the Seat of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, by the Chamber-maid's leaving a Bucket with Live-ashes in the Room : And tho' all Care imaginable was taken by Sir Duncan and his Servants, 15 Fire- rooms were burnt down before it was mastered, together with most of the Furniture to an immense Value. The House being new, and not full plastered, it burnt like Tinder ; but at last by striking down a Colonade, its communicating with the Outhouses was prevented
Defences or objections for His Majesty's advocate in behalf of the Crown, against the claim of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, baronet / Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the petition of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell,
Land Tax records 1751 - land tax information on the Argyll divisions of Cowal, Argyll, Hay, Lorn, Kintyre, and Mull, 1751. https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/digital-volumes/historical-tax-rolls/land-tax-rolls-1645-1831/land-tax-rolls-argyll-volume-02/31
GB233/MS.993-995 Lorn Furnace Company 1752-1813 Contracts between the Ironmasters and Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell regarding the working of their forests, 1752-1773; Letters of the Company?s agents at Bunawe, 1759-1813; Company letter books, 1786-1812.
GB233/MS.993-995 Lorn Furnace Company 1752-1813 Contracts between the Ironmasters and Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell regarding the working of their forests, 1752-1773; Letters of the Company?s agents at Bunawe, 1759-1813; Company letter books, 1786-1812. National library of Scotland
CAMPBELL, Duncan ( c.1763-1837 ), of Lochnell and Barbreck, Argyll
Land Tax Records
Dorothy Wordsworth mentions Lochnell house in her description of visiting the area https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usebooks/wordsworth-scotland/18.html
1809 - 1817
GB233/MS.21103 correspondence of Murray of Ochtertyre
  • Letters to Augusta, wife of General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, from her brother, General Sir George Murray, 1795-1817. Most of the letters are written from the peninsula, with some from later postings in North America and France, 1809-17. 282 ff. Folio and under. National library of Scotland
[http://manuscripts.nls.uk/repositories/2/archival_objects/13118 Copies, mostly by Lieutenant-General G H Hutton, 1815-1816, 1819-21, of groups and collections of documents at Lochnell House (folios 9-31, 44), in the possession of Robert Campbell of Ardchattan (folios 32-43) (ii + 247 folios.
1815 - 1816
GB233/20.5.6 Hutton Transcripts: Church Cartularies
  • Various. Copies mostly by Hutton 1815-16, 1819-21, of groups and collections of documents at Lochnell House (ff.9-31, 44)

The Laird of Lochnell and the Cow - Abbots Island, Loch Etive, Achnacree, Livingston,

Jean Heggie baptism, Lochnell House : parents William Heggie (likely gardener) Janet MacLauchlin
23 January letter (digital) from Alex Campbell Lochnell, Duncan Campbell Rockfield, concerning fishing
Kathrine Heggie baptism, Lochnell House : parents William Heggie (likely gardener) Janet MacLauchlin
John Heggie 1827 - 1907 baptism, Lochnell House : parents William Heggie (likely gardener) Janet MacLauchlin
Private Act (Printed), 5 & 6 William, c. 4

This record is held by Archives
Reference: HL/PO/PB/1/1835/5& 6W4n95 HL/PO/PB/1 - House of Lords: Private Bill Office: Original Acts
Title: Private Act (Printed), 5 & 6 William, c. 4
Description: An Act for applying the Balance now lying in Bank of the Price of the Lands of Glenkinglas and others, contained in a Deed of Entail executed by the deceased Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell, which were sold in virtue of the Powers contained in an Act of Parliament passed in the Forty-ninth Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, towards Payment of certain Sums laid out by General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell in the Improvement of the said entailed Estate.

04 August 1852 - Will of George Stuart, Lochnell

Will of George Stuart of Lochnell Castle , Argylshire //available to download, not bought yet//
Reference: PROB 11/2158/37 (PROB 11 - Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers)
Held by: The National Archives, Kew

09 February 1853 Newspaper

Conflagration in the Highlands.—On the night between Friday and Saturday last the magnificent mansion-house of Lochnell, in Argyllshire, was totally destroyed by fire. broke out in one of the rooms of the second story, and the flames soon obtained such mastery as to set all attemps to subdue them at defiance. The view during the conflagration from the low hills of Lorn was particularly solemn and imposing; the blaze and volumes of smoke which floated over the ancient oaks and pines surrounding the building and lighted up the deep waters of Lochnell rendered the scene one never to be forgotten. Hundreds of the tenantry and peasantry were attracted to the spot by the glare of the flames, but their efforts to save were unavailing. The roof fell in on Saturday morning, and the magnificent fabric became an utter wreck. The origin of the fire is not yet explained.

Weekly Irish Times (Nov 28 1885) story from records of Argyll
restored by George Woulfe Brenan after destruction by fire c. 1885. costing around £7000 http://portal.historicenvironment.scot/designation/LB4716
Lectures and articles by James Campbell 118 Leaves (Whole) - There are also some genealogical notes on the Campbells of Lochnell and Bragleen (folio 111).
Death of AAL Campbell of Lochnell
Act of Lochnell
estate up for sale
1915 -
Medal Cards - Alexander A Lochnell Campbell WW1 found, yet to buy
9th Earl of Dundonald buys Lochnell Estate
GD233/148/6 List of 12th Earl of Dundonald's files contained in filing boxes 1-17; biographical notes on 12th Earl; lists of family pictures in Lochnell Castle

Campbells of Lochnell, House of Argyll and the collateral branches of the clan Campbell, from the year 420 to the present time

Lochnell estate papers are mostly missing due to the catastrophic fires in 1741 and 1853 & the bombing of London records in the war.
There is a catalogue entry in the National Library of Scotland Manuscript Collections

Lochnell estate papers 1855-1903
Held by: National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections,
Other reference: See quarterly report June 1983
however it seems to only be ONE envelope !

Plan of the estate of Lochnell, Argyll

PL73 Ardchattan and Muckairn, Argyll, ScotlandCountry code GB
Repository code 234 National Records of Scotland RHP12237
Dates Late 19th century
Access status Open : Access conditions Some restrictions on access: consult National Records of Scotland staff.
Location On site (Sighthill)
Description Lithographers: W & A K Johnston, Edinburgh. Reproduced from Ordnance Survey.
Level File
Related material GD233 Archival history Papers of the Cochrane family, Earls of Dundonald (Dundonald muniments) (GD233)
PL73 Ardchattan and Muckairn, Argyll, Scotland

Records of Argyll - Lochnell Tales

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