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Land tax records Scotlands places
Mark lands Proprietor and lands Valuation Rent Money Note
Parish of Ardchattan & Muckairn
John Earl of Broadalbane for his property in this Parish Vizt.
1 Driessaig Two pounds twelve shills [shillings] & Six pence £2.12.6
Inveryeusachan & Kenlochetive One pound Seven shills. [shillings] & Nine pence £1.7.9
1/2 Barrs & Gualchuilline Three pounds three Shills. [Shillings] & Eleven pence £3.3.11
1/2 Glenketland Three pounds Six Shills. [Shillings] & a penny £3.6.1
The said Earl for his Salmon fishing on the Water of Aw £2.0.0
For his Salmon fishing at the head of Lochetive Ten shillings £0.10.0
For his Teinds in this Parish Two pounds Six Shills. [Shillings] & a penny £2.6.1
Total of the said Earls valued Rent in this Parish is Fifteen pounds Six Shills. [Shillings] & four pence £15.6.4
Capt [Captain] Duncan Campbell of Inveraw for his property in this Parish Vizt
2 Inveraw Seven pounds ten Shillings £7.10.0
2 Newtown or Ballure & Crofts Four pounds twelve shills. [shillings] & Six pence £4.12.6
1/2 Brandrie Two pounds ten Shillings £2.10.0
2 Drumachoishmore Four pounds four shills. [shillings] & five pence £4.4.5
2 Drumachoishdow Two pounds Ninteen shills. [shillings] & Seven pence £2.19.7
1/2 Coilettir One pound fifteen Shillings £1.15.0
1 Invercharnan Four pounds Eight shills. [shillings] & ten pence £4.8.10
1 Invercolan Four pounds Nine Shills [Shillings] & five pence £4.9.5
Inveraw for his Teinds in this parish Two pounds & Eleven pence £2.0.11
For his fishing on the Water of Aw including Ground fish Three pounds £3.0.0
Total of Inveraws Valued Rent in this Parish is Thirty Seven pounds ten shillings & Eight pence £37.10.8
1/2 Achnacloich property of Archibald Campbell of Stonfield five pounds Seven Shills [Shillings] & a penny £5.7.1
4 Drumvuick & Corrivlickaig property of John Campbell of Balliveolan Eleven pounds two shills. [shillings] & two pence £11.2.2
Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell for his property in this Parish Vizt.
2 Eriska & Derrinaneach Six pounds two shills. [shillings] & Seven pence £6.2.7
8 Ledaig Fifteen pounds One shilling & four pence £15.1.4
6 Achnacreemore Thirteen pounds six shillings & a penny £13.6.1
Lochnabeich a pendicle therof Two pounds one Shilling & Eleven pence £2.1.11
4 Achnacreebeg Eight pounds Six shills. [shillings] & ten pence £8.6.10
8 Ardmucknish Four pounds fifteen Shillings £4.15.0
Balloure Nine pounds fifteen shills. [shillings] & three pence £9.15.3
4 Kiell Thirteen pounds four shills. [shillings] & five pence £13.4.5
Croft of Connell Sixteen Shills. [Shillings] & three pence £0.16.3
Croft of Kintailen Four Shills [Shillings] & Seven pence £0.4.7
Corn Mill of Kintailen One pound thirteen Shills. [Shillings] & four pence £1.13.4
Croft of Craignook Eight Shillings & Nine pence £0.8.9
[carried forward] £75.16.4 £69.6.3
Parish of Ardchattan & Muckairn Brought forward £69.6.3
Sr [Sir] Duncan Campbell of Lochnell's valued Rent Brought forward £75.16.4
16 Beach & Inverliver Thirteen pounds Eleven shills. [shillings] & a penny £13.11.1
Inverkinglass & Derinaseir Nine pounds Eight shills [shillings] & four pence £9.8.4

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