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Current journals of interest October issue of Journal for the Prehistoric Society

  • J. Murray Gray : The Loch Lomond Readvance and Contemporaneous Sea-Levels in Loch Etive and Neighbouring Areas of Western Scotland. First Edition Disbound Geologists' Association,1975 (spotted on ebay .. does anyone have a copy they could share?) Proceedings of The Geologists' Association

We do not necessarily have copies of these, it is a list of articles of interest to obtain.

The Antiquaries Journal / Volume 77 / Issue 01 / March 1997, pp 243-289
Some Eighteenth Century Ferryhouses in Appin, Lorn, Argyll: the Development of the Single-Storeyed Mortared Stone Cottage in the West Highlands
Euan W. MacKie

Rees, T. (1998a) Ulva, Glenstrae and Glencreran Estates (Kilninian & Kilmore; Ardchattan & Muckairn; Lismore & Appin parishes), survey', Discovery Excav Scot, 1998. Page(s): 21

Ritchie, A, Ritchie, G, Whittington, G & Soulsby, J A 1974 ‘A prehistoric field-boundary from the
Black Crofts, North Connel, Argyll’, Glasgow Archaeol J, 3 (1974), 66-70.

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