Glue Pot

The Glue Pot is the Inn that was the other side of the Connel Ferry crossing.
It is now part of the Oyster Inn - hotel, restaurant and pub

The Glue Pot
The hotel was originally the 18th Century ferry house for the Connel Ferry which departed in front of the hotel where you can still see the old slip today.

Connel Ferry as it was known then, became a small village during the 16th Century.

The licensed Ferry House is known as, the 'Glue Pot' at Connel Ferry, for two facts:
Licensing laws in Scotland (Forbes Mackenzie Act 1853) banned drinking in public houses on Sunday's. Under the Act canny locals became infamous "bona fide travellers" who could be served in an Inn or Hotel. Travelling in good faith meant that you should not be "travelling for the purpose of taking refreshment", but you could be "one who goes into an Inn for a refreshment in the course of a journey, whether on business or pleasure". The canny locals took the morning conveyance from Oban to the Glue Pot at Connel Ferry. They were then 'stuck' until the next conveyance in the late afternoon returned to take them home!

Also, behind the Inn was a blacksmiths where old horse hooves were melted down to make glue. Some old glue pots hang from the ceiling in the bar.

The glue pots were usually of a double boiler construction similar to a bain marie, in which glue was melted and kept at the optimum temperature, in the range of 120 to 150 deg. F. Control of temperature was important, as overheating of the horse hoof glue resulted in a loss of gel strength.

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