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Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation by Scott, Hew, 1791-1872. cn; Macdonald, D. F. (Donald Farquhar), 1906- cn; Macdonald, Finlay A. J, Published 1915
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ARdchattan is pages 81 - 83 FASTA for Ardchattan


[The ancient church of this parish was dedicated to St Modan. Hence comes its name of Baile Mhaodain (St Modan 's township). this is incorrect - it should be St Bhodan
In 1231 Duncan MacDougall of Lorn founded, near the parish church of St Modan, a priory of the order of Val de Choux, dedicated to St Catan.
This monastery gave to the parish its modern name of Ardchattan (St Catan's Height).
Near the church was St Modan's Well, and hard by St Modan's Fair was held.
In 1618 the parishes of Ardchattan and Muckairn were united.
They were severed again in 1649.
The Act Rescissory of 1661 repealed their disjunction, and Muckairn was thus annexed a second time to Ardchattan.
It was, however, disjoined again quoad sacra on 9th December 1846.
At Kilcholumkill in this parish, on the north shore of Loch Etive, there was a chapel of St Columba.
At Benderloch there is now a mission chapel of St Modan.]

DUNCAN CAMPBELL, was a witness to an obligation in favour of John, Bishop of the Isles, 10th Nov. 1575 ; trans, to Archdeaconry of Argyll and to Lochgoilhead in 1601.

ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, son of John, Bishop of the Isles ; had a grant of the priory of Ardchattan from his father in 1580 ; min. here that year; died in 1628. He marr. Catherine Macdonald, and had issue — John of Ardchattan ; Archibald of Leraigs ; Duncan ; James; William. — [Scottish Antiquary, vii., 5, 6 ; Clan Campbell, vi., 43 ; Collect, de Rebus Alban., 13.]

JOHN M'lLVORIE, 24th April 1639; died between 1st Oct. 1640

ARCHIBALD M'CALMAN, M.A. ; ord. before 7th May 1640; pres. by John Campbell of Ardchattan before 7th Oct. 1641 ; at the disjunction of Killespuigkerril (Muckairn) in 1649, he removed there against the wishes of the parishioners.
The church was declared vacant, but M. was app. 15th Aug. 1655 to supply the pulpit every fifth sabbath.

and 26th May 1642, leaving issue.

COLIN CAMPBELL of Achnaba, born 1644, son of Patrick (Dubh Beg) C. of Innerzeldies (ancestor of the Barcaldine family) and Bethia, daugh. of Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, Perthshire ; educated at St Salvator's College, St Andrews; M.A. (27th July 1661); was on trials for licence 6th Feb. and 22nd May 1667; adm. 27th Nov. 1667; suspended 12th Jan. 1676 for ante-nuptial intercourse, but restored 25th June that year ; was received into communion by the Synod of Argyll 8th June 1694; died Father of the Church, 13th March 1726.
He was a profound mathematician, an astronomer, and correspondent of Sir Isaac Newton, who said of him, "I see that were he amongst us, he would make children of us all."
He was owner of the lands of Coullandalloch, Scoull, and Achnaba, which latter he exchanged for Drimvuick, inherited from his father.
In 1912 a tablet of brass was erected to his memory in Ardchattan Church, the joint gift of Professor Campbell Fraser and Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, Bart., C.V.O.
He marr. (1) Mary, daugh. of Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder, and had issue
— Patrick of Achnaba;
Donald, a distinguished mathematician ;
John, schoolmaster, Craignish ;
Dr Alexander, an antiquary :
(2) (cont. 2nd March 1702) Margaret, daugh. of Colin Campbell of Blarantibbert, and widow of Alexander Campbell of Raschoilly and of Donald Campbell of Barachbeyan.
Publications —
His MSS. are preserved in the library of the Univ. of Edinburgh ; Verses in Latin prefixed to the Rev. Daniel Campbell's
The Frequent and Devout Communicant (1703); A Demonstration of the Existence of God [formed on an argument similar to that of Dr Samuel Clarke, though written before his was published] ; The Trinity of Persons in the Unity of Essence [both printed for private circulation by his relative, Professor Alexander Campbell Fraser, D.C.L.] (Edinburgh, 1875-6).— [G. R. Sas., xli., 52 ; Argyll Sas., i., fol. 207, 30th Sept. 1686; Fraser 's Biographia Philosophica, 8-11; The Oban Times, 25th May 1912 ; Diet. Nat. Biog. ; Good Words (1877).]

^ ARCHIBALD BANNATYNE, trans, from Lochbroom, and adm. 9th June 1730; trans, to Dores 14th Sept. 1732

JAMES STEVENSON, licen. before 5th Aug. 1701 ; ord. to Ardnamurchan 31st Oct. 1703 ; pres. by Charles Campbell of Ardchattan 30th Nov. 1731 ; trans, and adm. 10th Feb. 1732 ; died 28th Sept. 1751. He marr. (1) Janet Campbell, and had issue — George and Hugh, both above the age of 16 in 1745 : (2) 30th Nov. 1735, Margaret Campbell, who died 15th Feb. 1775.

LUDOVICK GRANT, born about 1726, son of William G., min. of Abernethy,
Strathspey; educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen ; licen. by Presb. there 6th Feb. 1751 ; ord. missionary at Fort Augustus 26th March 1755; called 16th March, and adm. 29th April 1756; died 16th Nov. 1795. He marr. 23rd Feb. 1757, Margaret Davidson, who died 17th Dec. 1817, and had issue
— Elizabeth, born 16th May, died 8th Aug. 1758;
— Nanny, born 16th April 1759, died 12th Feb. 1790;
— Lydia, born 10th April 1760, died 12th June 1769 ;
— Grace, born 6th Jan. 1762 ;
— Alexander, born 8th Nov. 1763 ;
— Patrick, born 19th Sept. 1765, died 15th March 1766;
— Ludovick, born 21st Oct. 1766, died 8th April 1769;
— Janet, born 25th Nov. 1768, died 4th May 1771 ;
— John, born 17th May, and died 10th June 1770 ;
— Elizabeth, born 23rd April 1771, died 22nd Dec. 1833 ;
— William Lewis, born 29th April 1773; Lieut.-General Sir Colquhoun, K.C.B., G.C.H., colonel of the 15th (King's) Hussars, fought at Seringapatam, Corunna, and Waterloo, M.P. for Queensborough in 1831, succeeded to the estate of Frampton in Dorset (which was inherited by his daugh., who marr. a grandson of Richard Brinsley Sheridan), born 13th Feb. 1774, died 20th Dec. 1835 ;
— James, born 20th Dec. 1776 ;
— Duncan, born 6th Aug. 1779.
Publication — Account of the Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Ace., v\.).—[Dict. Nat. Biog. ; Napier's Peninsular War.]

GEORGE CAMPBELL, born 17th May 1769, son of Peter C, min. of Glassary ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Mull; pres. by Commissioners for Duncan Campbell of Lochnell April, and ord. 27th Sept. 1796.
In youth he was the friend of Thomas Campbell, author of the leasures of Hope.
He was an excellent classical scholar, a man of literary tastes, and possessed a great fund of varied information. Falling into ill-health, he went to Long Ashton, near Bristol, where he died 31st Jan. 1817.
He marr. 18th June 1805, Jane (died 10th Jan. 1866, aged 91), daugh. of Duncan M'Diarmid, Glenure, and had issue
— Margaret, born 3rd Dec. 1806 (marr. Peter M'Kichan, min. of Lochgilphead) ;
— Grace, born 13th June 1808 (marr. 21st Dec. 1835, Alexander Campbell Stevens, M.R.C.S.E., Falmouth, Jamaica) ;
— Peter Colin, D.D., Principal of the Univ. of Aberdeen (q.v.), born 21st Jan. 1810;
— Duncan, M.D., Toronto, born 24th Jan. 1812;
— George James, H.E.I.C.S., afterwards Vice-Consul for the United States at Port Maria, Jamaica, born 12th Oct. 1814, died 3rd June 1841 ;
— Augusta Murray, born 10th April 1816, killed by falling while in a state of somnambulism from the window of a house at Caen in Normandy 20th Dec. 1824.— [Clan Tver.]

HUGH FRASER, born Croy, Inverness-shire, 1780, son of Alexander F., of Tyrie family, and Margaret Hay Mackenzie ; educated at King's College, Aberdeen (M.A., 30th May 1801), and Univ. of Edinburgh ; licen. by Presb. of Nairn 2nd May 1805 ; ord. to Oban Chapel 17th April 1807; trans, to Kilmore 5th May 1809 ; pres. by General Duncan Campbell of Lochnell in March ; trans, and adm. 18th Oct. 1817. Joined the Free Church in 1843 ; min. of Ardchattan Free Church, 1843-51 ; died at Edinburgh, 6th Oct. 1865.
He marr. 8th Oct. 1818, Maria Helen (died 4th Jan. 1862), daugh. of Alexander Campbell, and sister of Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, Bart., and had issue
— Alexander Campbell, F.B.A., LL.D., D.C.L., Litt.D., Professor of Logic in Univ. of Edinburgh, 1856-91, and Gifford Lecturer on Natural Theology, author of many philosophical works, born 3rd Sept. 1819, died 2nd Dec. 1914 j
— Hugh, born 2nd May 1821, died 1896 j
— John Peter, born 17th May 1823, died 1848;
— James, born 23rd June 1825, died 1889 ;
— Henry Martyn, born 29th Oct. 1826, died 1887 ;
— Mary Jane Cadogan, born 30th June 1828;
— William Wilberforce, born 24th Aug. 1830, died in Australia 1918 ; Surgeon-General
— Duncan Alexander Campbell, M.D., Principal Medical Officer, Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley and Malta, born 27th Dec. 1831, died 28th Aug. 1912;
— Colin Alexander, member of Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, born 11th Dec. 1833 ;
— Margaret Catherine Celeste Montier, born 3rd June 1835, died 1874;
— Edward, born 15th Dec. 1838, died 13th Jan. 1839 ;
— Augustus Edward Ryan, born 8th Oct. 1841, died 1890.

Publications- He translated into Gaelic, A Catechism on the Sacrament of the Lord's Sup]ier [by Andrew Mitchell Thomson, D.D.], 78 pp., very rare (Edinburgh, 1813) ; Account of the Parish {New Stat. Ace, vii.).— [Prof. Camp- bell-Fraser's Biograj^hia Philosojihica.']

DONALD MACCALMAN of Drissaig, 1844 born Campbeltown, 24th June 1816,
son of M. of Drissaig, Loch Awe ; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh ;
ord. to Kilmartin 28th Sept. 1836; trans, and adm. 25th April 1844 ; died 7th Aug. 1873.
He marr. 1st Sept. 1842, Helen Kennedy (born 24th July 1816, died s.p. 13th Feb. 1884), daugh. of Daniel Mactaggart of Kilkevan, Procurator -Fiscal, Campbeltown, and Christian Hamilton Campbell.
Publication— Account of Kilmartin (New Stat. Ace, vii.).

HUGH MACLACHLAN, born Glasgow, 1874 4t ^ Sept. 1840, son of Donald M. and Sarah M'Quarrie ; educated at Reid's School, Islay, High School, and Univ. of Glasgow ; assistant at Killean ; ord. to Tarbert 31st Aug. 1869 ; trans, and adm. 7th May 1874; died 2nd May 1903. He marr. 26th Nov. 1884, Ann, daugh. of John Maclntyre, min. of Kilmonivaig, and widow of the Hon. George James Buller-Elphinstone, R.N.

JOHN ARCHIBALD MACCORMICK, 1903 Arisaig, Inverness-shire, 11th July 1871, son of Donald M.and Christina Macdonald ; educated at Pennyghael School and Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (1896), B.D. (1899) ; licen. by Presb. of Mull May 1899; assistant at Kilberry, Kilcalmonell, and Kelvinhaugh ; ord. to St Kiaran's, Govan, 30th April 1901 ; trans, and adm. 3rd Nov. 1903 ; chaplain to 12th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in European War, and twice mentioned in dispatches.

Other ministers from Ardchattan

1922 GILLESPIE MACGREGOR CAMPBELL, born Barcaldine, Ardchattan, 23rd Oct. 1865, son of Donald C. and Mary Campbell ; educated at Barcaldine School and Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Lorn 5th May 1897; assistant at Kilfinichen; ord. to Kinlochspelvie 1st Feb. 1898 ; trans, to Kilchoman 14th July 1904 ; trans, to Kilmartin 15th Oct. 1910 ; trans, to Glenaray 6th June 1912 ; trans, and adm. 17th May 1922.
Marr. 3rd Aug. 1899, Ella Laird, daugh. of Henry Cochran and Jane Scott, and has issue
— Iain MacGregor, born 3rd July 1900, private in Seaforth Highlanders, died on service 18th Dec. 1918;
Sheina Lyle, born 19th May 1903;
Mairi Mackenzie, born 4th May 1906;
Ishbel Laird, born 12th March 1910.

NEIL M'KILLOP, born Ardchattan, 6th July 1866, son of Archibald M. and Sarah M'Kechnie ; educated at Lochnell School ; licen. by Presb. of Mull 29th Aug. 1917; ord. 17th Sept. 1917.
Marr. 12th June 1891, Caroline Elizabeth, daugh. of Henry Ritchie, and has issue— Sarah, born 18th March 1892 ; Henry- Joseph, farmer, born 16th March 1896 ; Archibald, farmer, born 14th July 1897 ; Alexander Donald, clerk, born 21st Oct. 1898 ; Elizabeth Ada, born 2nd March 1908.

MARTIN MACRAE, born Kyleakin, Skye, 26th June 1883, son of Evander M. and Barbara Campbell ; educated at Kyleakin and Kingussie Schools and Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (1906); licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 10th May 1910; assistant at Ardchattan ; ord. to Duror 6th Sept. 1910 ; trans, and adm. 22nd Sept. 1914 ; served as second lieutenant in High- land Light Infantry in European War. Marr. 14th April 1920, Margaret, daugh. of Walter Macfarlane and Isabella Mac- farlane, Penmore, Mull.

JOHN M'CALMAN, perhaps son of Duncan M., min. of Ardnamurchan ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow ; M.A. (26th July 1668) ; was schoolmaster at Cilleasbuig-Earaild, or Muckairn ; passed trials before Presb. of Lorn and reconimended for licence 16th Sept. 1673 ; recommended for ordination 24th April 1678 ; ord. to Clachan Dysart (Glenorchy), and Inishail soon afterwards ; trans, and adm. in 1681 ; deprived by the Privy Council in 1689. He continued to preach and perform pastoral functions within neighbouring parishes, and towards the end of 1704 he came before the Presb. acknowledging having baptized and married persons residing in planted parishes. For this and other charges (adultery was alleged) he was dep. 25th May 1709. He went to Craigdurinish, parish of Ardchattan, the minister of which (Colin Campbell) was instructed to commence a process of ex-communication against M., when he submitted and entered on a course of public repentance, appearing in sackcloth before the congregations of Arc! chattan, Cilleasbuig-
Earaild, Kilmore, and Kilninver, and also before the Presb., and " gave such signs of his serious repentance by many tears and sensible soul- moving expressions, that he seemed to stand in need of counsel, and being further spoken to as his case requires, he is remitted to his minister and session to be received when they think fit." This was done accordingly and reported to next
meeting 21st Feb. 1711. He marr. Kather- ine M'Calman, who died in Glasgow, 19th
Feb. 1766.

lgl0 born Salen, Mull, 29th Jan. 1881, son of John M. and Catherine M'Innes ; educated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (April 1906), B.D. (Oct. 1912) ; licen. by Presb. of Lorn in 1909 ; assistant at St Modan's, Ardchattan ; ord. 2nd March
1910. Marr. 26th Dec. 1916, Henrietta, eldest daugh. of Hugh Bisset, Ardbeg,
Islay, and Isabella Jane Kenyon, and has issue — Iseabal Mairi, born 17th Oct. 1917 ; Catherine Richarda, born 12th March 1920. Publication — Gaelic Tale, Dioghaltas Lachuinn, published in Deo Greine (1907).

DUNCAN MACGREGOR CAMPBELL, born Benderloch, Ardchattan, 16th Jan. 1854, son of Donald C, schoolmaster, and Mary Campbell; edu- cated at Univ. of Edinburgh ; M.A. (1876) ; licen. by Presb. of Lorn ; assistant at St Columba, Glasgow ; ord. 1st May 1889; dem. 13th Nov. 1901 ; Ph.D. (Germany). Marr. 22nd Jan. 1890, Margaret Douglas, eldest daugh. of Dugald M'Kechnie, Campbel- town, and Flora M'Cuaig, and has issue — Florence Mary, born 17th June 1896; Alastair Douglas, born 24th May 1900.

PETER MACKICHAN, born Oban, 1804, third son of John M., merchant ; educated at Univ. of Glasgow ; licen. by Presb. of Inveraray ; pres. by George IV. in May, and ord. 25th Sept. 1828; died 13th March 1842. He marr. 26th April 1838, Margaret, eldest daugh. of George Campbell, min. of Ardchattan, and had issue — John, went to Australia ; Jane Campbell, born 9th March 1840, died 29th April 1842.


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Notices of the Priory of Ardchattan and of the Family of the Founder. E. C. Batten.
[Grampian Club.] (Edin., 1877.)

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