How many of our descendants emigrated?
What were the circumstances for that emigration?
Where did they go : Australia ~ Canada ~ America ~ Caribbean

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AHRC-funded Anglo-Scottish Migration project : This site is intended to serve as a resource for local historians, genealogists and academics to gather biographical details about the migratory movement of men and women between Scotland and England in the 17th and 18th centuries.

http://www.scan.org.uk/_emigration/ so far none of our locations or estates brings up any results, a number for Mull and other Argyll places http://www.scan.org.uk/_emigration/freetext.aspx
This is not ours either but interesting Argyll Colonists to USA in 1700's document

The Emigration Act of 1851 made it possible for the poorest to leave the Highlands

The policy of the landlord was to clear the poorest Highlanders from the land and maintain those crofters who were capable of paying rent. The Dukes of Argyll and Sutherland and other large landowners financed emigration schemes. Offers of funding were linked to eviction, which left little choice to the crofter. However, the Emigration Act of 1851 made emigration more freely available to the poorest.
The Highlands and Islands Emigration Society was set up to oversee the process of resettlement. Under the scheme a landlord could secure a passage to Australia for a nominee at the cost of £1. Between 1846 and 1857, around 16,533 people of the poorest types, mainly young men, were assisted to emigrate. The greatest loss occurred in the islands, particularly Skye, Mull, the Long Island and the mainland parishes of the Inner Sound.1

Passenger Lists of Ships leaving Scotland

Government Emigration Office: Article detailing assisted emigration to Australia and Tasmania

http://genealogytrails.com/ncar/emigrantsfromenglandandscotland.html links and information on emigration from around Scotland including A List of Passengers or Emigrants on Board the Ship Jupiter of Larne from Glenurchy, Appin and Lismore.


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