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December 2013
1863 hand written receipt for school fees from Lochnell

postcard of Ledaig and Lochnell Bay

Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session, the Petition of Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell and Alexander MacMillan Clerk to the Signet, His Factor 9781241220068 book reprint modern law
Answers for Patrick Crawford - Lochnell - book reprint - modern law

1842 entire letter from Richard Thomson of Lochnell House to J.C Cameron Postmaster at Bonaw

A History Of the Clan Campbell book

By Sword and Pen Benderloch and Barcaldine booklet

1817 envelope to Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine from Greenock

1837 Print of Loch Creran with Barcaldine Castle this one comes up regularly

Benderloch Village postcard fairly modern

The Settmakers and stoneworkers journal - ref to Bonawe branch

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