Duncan Ban Macintyre

Duncan Ban MacIntyre
Dhonnchaidh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir : 20 March 1724 - 14 May 1812

born Druimlarit (Druim Liaghart), Glenorchy, close to Loch Tulla
1871 Map https://maps.nls.uk/view/228775966
image of memorial from Geograph

worked for Earl of Breadalbane as shepherd and in the deer forests
He was technically illiterate, being too far from schools, but his Gaelic poetry was written by others and is now acclaimed worldwide

Gaelic speaker
Gaelic poet
lived at Dalness

married Mary MacIntyre

was a fencible in Earl of Breadalbane as a soldier in the Argyll Regiment of Militia and was on the Hanovarian forces in the 1745 Jacobite rising
He took part in the Battle of Falkirk as a substitute for a local gentleman, Archibald Fletcher of Crannach, and managed to lose his sword during the fighting — an event which would later lead to the composition of a humorous poem about the battle.
When he returned from the battle, MacIntyre was refused his pay by the gentleman who had commissioned him to fight in his stead because of the lost sword and it was in reply that Duncan composed the aforementioned poem, satirising the gentleman and the sword he had lost1

1767 moved to Edinburgh where he became a constable of Edinburgh City Guard and Breadalbane Fencibles
1806 retired

died Edinburgh
Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.


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