Glen Creran

also seen as

400m SE of Creagan Bridge

There is also a standing stone up on the hill above Dallachulish, and the ruins of a farm stead above that.

GD170 Papers of the Campbell Family of Barcaldine 1539-1961
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD170/266
Title Tacks
Dates 1721-1737
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Note: tacks are set by Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine unless otherwise stated.2

14. 1736, February 12
Tack to Patrick McIntyre in Daillchelish and Hugh McIntyre in Leterualtan, of land of Daillchelish and part of Leterualtan for 9 years.
15. 1736, March 2
Minute of tack to John Campbell, tacksman of Dalchelish, of lands of Glenuire for 9 years.

late 1870s Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland On the Agriculture of the County of Argyll Duncan Clerk

On reaching Loch Creran at Barcaldine, and leaving the beautiful mansion and parks behind, and turning to the right, Dalachulish is the first considerable sheep farm. It is possessed by Mr Hugh M'Coll at a rent of £325, and he now has joined to it Daill in Glen Etive, of which the rent is £65. It is an excellent sheep range from the one loch to the other, and Mr M'Coll does full justice to the stock. There is some arable land at Dalachulish, and a small fold of Highland cattle is kept.

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