Dalfuar / Dalfuir

Barcaldine House
The house was originally known as Innerergan (at the mouth of the River Ergan) and then Dalfuar (cold field).

from Canmore

Scottish Record Office:
Barcaldine House (Dalfuir).
1724 GD170/235
Building of Barcaldine House (Dalfuir).
Wright and Glazier work.
Receipted account from William Thomson, wright.

1733 GD170/235
Building at Barcaldine House (Dalfuir)
Addition of a kitchen wing.
Receipted account from James Duff, mason, and notebook showing payments to wirkmen.

c.1757 GD170/274
Alterations to Barcaldine House (Dalfuir).
Building Accounts.

1789 GD170/2073
Letter from Andrew Wittel to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine whom he assures that he and another mason will come as soon as Barcaldine is ready for them.

1801-1838 GD170/514/5
Addition to Barcaldine House.
(Extensive alterations undertaken by John Drummond an Oban Mason may have included the large Drawing Room in 1815).
Accounts for wright, plumber, plaster and paint work.

1806 GD170/2198
The dining room.
Estimate for Memelwood from John Sinclair, Portnacroish.

1814 GD170/2356/10
The propoesd new house.
Mr Gillespie (Graham) has visited to decide on the site for the new house. He proposes that it should be built in the middle of the park and in the priory style. Letter.

1814 GD170/2451/2
Plans for the building.
Letter from James Gillespie (Graham). He writes that he is forwarding a plan of offices and a sketch of the proposed castle with the principal floor.

1821 GD170/514/5
'Your intended castle with a view'.
Account plus 7 year's interest from James Giullespie Graham for preparing new designs. (#45.15.6).

1821 GD170/514/8
Building an ice house.
Estimate and rough sketch.

1823 GD170/2451/5
Account for plans.
From James Gillespie Graham, architect. (1776-1835).

1822-24 GD170/2520/1-2
Measurement of Plans for Barcaldine House.
Account for measuring from the Plans the mason, wright, slater, plumber and plaster work of the proposed House of Barcaldine.
Measurer: Duncan McCallum.
Architect: James Gillespie (Graham).

1824-33 GD170/2276/1-5
Supply of 4000 slates from Easdale.
Alexander Campbell seeks payment of #9 due by Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine.

1825-26 GD170/2519/1-4
Measurement of plans (for Barcaldine House).
Letters from Duncan McCallum and Co. to Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine.
Payment of #31.10.0 is sought for the measurement of plans in 1822 as attested by James Gillespie (Graham).

1830 GD170/2764/1and2
(? Building of Barcaldine House.)
Letter intimating that William Wilson of Glasgow has shipped two loads of bricks (total number 41,334) to Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine.

1830 GD170/2276/1a
Employment of masons.
Alexander Campbell has heard that Sir Duncan Campbell requires masons. He recomends a Donald Campbell to Sir Duncan.

1831 GD170/2519/1-4
Addition to Barcaldine House.
Estimate (#378.0.4).

1831 GD170/2873
(? Building at Barcaldine House).
John Walker and Co. of Glasgow have despatched 20,000 bricks to Barcaldine. They wish to know if a further 10,000 are required. Letter.
1833 GD170/2431/1
Plans (? for Barcaldine House). Letter from Andrew Elliot to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine. It accompanied a finished drawing and 3 rough ones. The finished plans will cost 8 guineas.

1835 GD170/2431/7
(? Building at Barcaldine House).
Letter from Andrew Elliot to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine. He wishes to begin work at Barcaldine in April.

(19th c.) GD170/539
Rough sketch of the garden.
Included in accounts for garden plants and labour.

N.D gd170/514/7
Building of the Grotto.
Estimate (#21.18.6).

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