Dail is also known as Creagan Maol

A township, comprising four roofed buildings, one unroofed building, one unroofed structure, two enclosures and a head-dyke is depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Argyllshire 1875, sheet lxxiv).
One roofed building, two unroofed buildings and a sheepfold are shown on the current edition of the OS 1:10000 map (1974).


1875 Valuation Roll
Tenant : Daill – Hugh McColl;

1885 Valuation Roll
Dail – Hugh McColl, tenant and occupier- £65

1895 Valuation Roll
Daill – Angus Montgomery, shepherd – £4;

1905 Valuation Roll
James McKechnie, farmer, who resides at Blarcreen is shown as the tenant of Cadderlie, Craig, Dail and Gortondhu. The occupants for each property are: Cadderlie – Alexander McGillivray, shepherd; Craig – John Haggart, shepherd; Dail – Angus Montgomery, shepherd; Gortondhu – James Cunningham, shepherd.

1915 Valuation Roll
The Trustees of late James McKechnie, farmer, Blarcreen are shown as being the tenants of Cadderlie, Craig, Daill and Gortondhu. The tenants of each property are: Cadderlie – Donald McCallum, shepherd; Craig – John Haggart, shepherd; Daill – Allan McMaster, shepherd; Gortondhu – vacant.

Etive is a popular inspiration for photographers .. this is just one from Damien Shields from the other side of the loch at Inverliever
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