When the Risings started men of the area were called to arms

The Royal Warrant to the Duke of Argyll as Lord-Lieutenant of the County ; " You are hereby ordered and directed to call out such part of the Militia and Fencible men of the Shire of Argyll which you shall find most necessary or expedient for our Service and the Public Peace."

There were men from the parish on both sides during the last Jacobite Rebellion, through Falkirk, Prestonpans and at the battle of Culloden

Here is an interesting reference giving the perspective of teh Campbells of Barcaldine, who was on Cumberlands side against the Jacobites.
Selections from the Family Papers of the Mackays of Bighouse
Consisting Mainly of Letters Addressed to John Campbell of Barcaldine, Sometime One of the Government Factors on the Forfeited Estates After the '45, Many of Them from Lord Glenorchy, by Douglas Wimberley

2016 - 270th anniversary of Culloden

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