Connel Bridge

There will be lots to share about the building and use of Connel Bridge.
We have plenty to learn.
We would love to share more images, tickets, as well as the stories of the men who ran the Bridge.

There are lots of memories out there please share any snippets about the men who built the bridge, who ran the services, your memories of going over the bridge.

  • Mr Blythe collected the tolls at the North Connel side, what years was this, does anyone have an photo of him?
  • Mr Macleod worked on the bridge, controlling the lights at Connel side, does anyone remember him?
  • There was a tradition to throw a penny out of the window as going over the bridge for luck .. does anyone remember doing this ?
  • Did you or your parents used to leave your bikes at the bridge before going over to Connel for a dance ?
605.gifThe Grace's Guide - an Engineering journal is a wonderful resource
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