Castle Farm

Castle farm
South of the road from Barcaldine castle to Letterwalton


1871 Ordnance survey (which refers to Dalintober but NOT to Castle Farm so when was it established?)
The remains of three ancient sepulchural cairns situated a few yards south of Public road near Dalintober. The southernmost cairn measures about 45 links in dia. [diameter], & about 18 in. [inches] in height, & is surrounded by a circle composed of stones & earth measuring 100 links in dia. [diameter] on the S.E. [South East] side of which stand two rough slabs of stone about 3 ft. [feet] in height, having the appearance of doorposts.
over The two others measure about 50 links across & are almost level with the surface.
Tradition asserts the group to be the remains of an Druidical Temple.

The remains of an ancient sepulchral cairn situated on a small rise about 40 Chains S.E. [South East] of the above. The stones composing it are being gradually removed, & a few years ago during the removal of some of the stones a substance was found supposed to be human ashes.

Tom Oisein

A small Knoll in the roadside near Dalintober. Tradition asserts that its summit was one of Ossian's favorite seats.
At spot marked [on Tom Oisein], an ancient sword was found about 30 years ago, near Dalintober, during the process of improvement.
"Tom Ossian "the hill of Ossian", the traditional bearing that this was the favorite seat of the ancient bard." New Stat. [Statistical] Account
there seem to be buildings marked but not included in the Scotlandsplaces books

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