C1911 504 A0 003 000 2 003Z Lochnell Lodge to Balure

C1911 504 A0 003 000 2 003Z
Lochnell Lodge to Balure
Lochnell Lodge, Kentallen Mill, Kentallen Cottage, Ardronach, Lochnell, Fuaracha, Balure, Salen Sliganeach.
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Lochnell Lodge
4 rooms with one or more windows
Donald McPherson - age 48 Gamekeeper, born Ardchattan
Edith McPherson - age 44, wife, born Sheberton, Suffolk
William McPherson - age 13 School born Ardchattan
Donald McPherson - age 11 School born Appin
Duncan McPherson - age 9 School born Ardchattan
Malcolm McPherson - age 4 born Ardchattan
Louisa McPherson - age 1 born Ardchattan
All speaking both Gaelic and English, except Edith who only has English.
They have been married for 14 years, and all children born are living.

8 rooms with one or more windows
Donald McArthur - age 29 Farmer, born Ardchattan
Christina McArthur - age 27 Sister, housekeeper / domestic, born Ardchattan
Jane McArthur - age 21 Sister, Dairymaid, born Ardchattan
John Bell Square - Boarder, 57, widower, retired bank clerk, born Glasgow, feeble minded
Ronald Grant, age 20, servant, ploughman, from Mallaig, Invernessshire
All had Gaelic except John who only spoke English. none of the others had been married.

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