The Archive has a good collection of books that visitors can study.
Here is our book list - we always welcome any further donations

Here is a list of some of the books that we hold digitally and links to locations online that you can read them

more books as pdfs to sort out. in Ardchattan catalogue

  • Drummers Luck
  • Tait's Edinburgh Magazine 1849
  • John Splendid Tale of Poor Gentleman little Wars of Lorn_files
  • Instructions to a Son Argyll 1743
  • Highland Schottische
  • Scottish Exodus Travels - James Hunter
  • The Highlands - Ian Finlay
  • Alexander Campbell Fraser - pdf in catalogue
  • Settlements of scotch highlanders in America

The minute book of the Lismore Agricultural society by Robert Hay

This is the Ardchattan Parish Book published by the Parish Church and still for sale, full of great images and local reminiscences.

Here are some books we would like to have (do you have any suggestions ?

  • Scottish Highlanders on the Eve of the Great Migration, 1725-1775: The People of Argyll By David Dobson (to be searched for Ardchattan folk)
  • Bonawe Iron Furnace, Author: Geoffrey D Hay : ISBN: 1903570069 : SKU: GOR005117458
  • Scottish Elites T.M. Devine (Edinburgh, 1994) includes A.I. Machines, 'Land

ownership, Land Use and Elite Enterprise in Scottish Gaeldom from Clanship to Clearance
in Argyllshire, 1688-1858.

  • The Hebrid Isles: Wanderings in the Land of Lorne and the Outer Hebrides Buchanan.. so far only found reprint on Amazon

Here are also books to be harvest from google books and other online locations
Journeying in MacDougall Country by Walter Macdougall
A History of the Clan Campbell: From origins to Flodden, Volume 1 by Alastair Campbell
Saint Modan of Rosneath a Fragment of Scottish Hagiology Robert Story : A book from 1877 about St Modan .. of Ardchattan, (except he is not, because our Balevaodan is for St Baetan / Baodan, !! ) but it has some great legends and stories of the area.

Scottish History Society publications at the National Library of Scotland are a valuable resource for anyone interested in Scottish history. including A List of Persons Concerned in the Rebellion and Prisoners of the ‘45

Forgotten books
The House of Argyll and the Collateral Branches of the Clan Campbell
Place names of Argyll H. Cameron Gillies

Other online books
Highland Papers includes Witchcraft in Bute and EXTRACT FROM THE PROCEEDINGS OF A JUSTICE COURT HET.D AT INVERARAY TOLBOOTH, 27 October 1677, by Mr. John Campbell of Moy, Justice Deput of Argyll, by COMMAND OF ARCHIBALD 9TH EaRL OF ARGYLL involving Lochnell, cow stolen, Glentendill

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