Bonawe Quarry

Bonawe Quarry was a significant influence on the parish.

on the 1875 map, that was surveyed in the early 1870s there is no Bonawe Quarry marked, but there is a Smithy further up Lochetiveside

in the 1875 valuation roll
Island Ferry
Granite quarry
Land unlet

In the 1881 census - there are quite a number of Quarry workers.

1889 post office directory William Sim, one of the quarry masters with an interest in Bonawe (as well as significant interests in Furnace and Condorrat, near Cumbernauld. Scottish Post Office Directories. Glasgow. 1876-1877.
Sim, William, & Co., contractors and granite merchants, and lessees of the Furnace, Crarae, Bonaw, and Craigpoint Quaries, 88 Great Clyde street.

At the turn of the 1900's there were hundreds of men working here, with their families housed in massive tenement buildings.
Does anyone have a copy of the book they might donate to the archive ?: J. & A. Gardner & Co Ltd: Shipowners and Quarrymasters by Atkinson, Graham
Adam Bruce ThomsonBonawe Quarry, Loch Etive, Argyll, c.1934
We have a lot to learn and share about the history of Quarry, the business, the men, and their lives. Stonemasonry
Amalgamated National Union of Quarryworkers and Settmakers Bonawe Branch
The quarry has been of national importance for many decades, and created a whole community associated with working and running the site.

There used to be several significant multi-occupancy buildings, as well as shop and post office
Tenements called the Gullet, Seaview and one on Ferry Island
Further into the village were the Tin Houses and Rampart tenement

SC00554207.jpgSC00554208.jpg10636725_686160904815150_5873109094872425471_o.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.xx&oh=de891535a76af4e1fd1c657ec087ea40&oe=5CA545E81402008_686155404815700_2750497113665860101_o.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.xx&oh=f4f2070180078701d5874c91e13ddf91&oe=5C9998F7There are a number of "big Blasts" that reached the national papers. We have the articles saved in the Archive.
The 1935 blast (Getty images)
20th October 1948: A quarter of a million tons of granite, enough for five years' supply, was dislodged by this one big blast at Bonawe Quarries, Argyllshire. Granite, a hard-wearing grey rock, is used for building in the local area and is also a valuable export. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
There used to be a Brickworks in the quarry site

piper John MacColl worked in Bonawe Quarry to pay for travel to piping lessons : modern quarry activities, no original quarry records and a Fatal Accident Inquiry record.
Fatal Accident Inquiry: James Thompson Martin, quarry miner, Seaview, Bonawe Quarries, by Connel, died on 9 October 1956 at Craigpoint Quarry, Bonawe, by Connel, when he received multiple injuries while tunnelling into a rock face.

Bonawe Quarry managers
1950s Mr. Galloway

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