1870s - SS Benstarra
1880 - SS Glen Etive
SS Ossian
Darthula was there a Darthula 1 (Yes - a sailing cutter- was she here, no idea)
Darthula II was a motor launch built 1939 - and worked in Loch Etive for decades

Boats to and from Selma

Viking Galleys
loch-etive1.jpg Aileach in Loch Etive

Boat building in Argyll Campbell of Breadalbane and Campbell of Argyll Boatbuilding Accounts 1600 to 1700
lots of details of building birlinns in the 1600s

In the particular case of Lorn, that part of Argyll where the two vessels considered here were constructed, comparing living conditions in 1695, when the twelve oared boat was built, with those in 1635, the year of construction of the sixteen oared birlinn
The total cost of the birlinn of 1635 including a sail plus standing and running rigging probably represented around a third of the net annual income accruing from Glenorchy’s Argyll lands. Clearly Glenorchy had further sources of income from his Perthshire lands, from fines from his heritable jurisdictions, from his fisheries, and from his valuable woodlands. He also had significant outgoings apart from the monies spent on boats. It is however the case that the £Scots227-08s-04d cost of the birlinn plus say £Scots30 for the sail and rigging, together with maintenance costs and any additional costs surrounding the provision of a crew of warrior rowers and other seamen, would have been significant. The birlinn, barring accidental loss, would probably have required replacing at intervals of around thirty years. It is noticeable that the costs of a sail and cordage, which clearly need repair or replacement on a regular and possibly more frequent basis, do not appear in the records other than in the case of the rental for Tiree in 1678 where “a saill and hair taickle to a galley” is valued at £Scots40 (13).

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