Blaeu Map Of 1654

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What townships existed in the mid 1600's
We still have to identify some of the places
Any help is welcomed.

Blaeu Map place names

The symbols key -
bla1vil1.jpg is a village : circle and tower; labelled in italic lowercase text,
Blaeu%20lochnell%20key.png is the significant establishment for Campbell of Lochnell

Dulachrumak - the area east of Ardentinny - gaelic suggests piece of meadow or dark piece (not Dalrannoch as suggested by nls)
Barwoulyn - Baravullin - township of the mill .. so this settlement has been here long before a mechanism mill.
Ardmucknish .. the township where Lochnell House will be built - but on this map Campbell of Lochnell is based with a significant establishment on the island on Loch Nell, Kilmore
Barkalden .. Barcaldine
Loch of Barmou-ling
Achagaha .. Achacha
Fairloch .. Ferlochan
Chondolich … Condallich
Tenle … Glentendill
Kreurin .. Creran
Glentenle .. Glen tendill (Glen dudh)
Bin Breck .. Ben Breac
Auon Innerre .. Inneragan
Achareyr .. Achinreir
Letter? Rhugarbh / Letterwalton
Ardchaltan .. Ardchattan
Ben Scourricht .. ??
Anon Buy .. ??
Drum muck .. Drumavuic
Coreule Kiach .. ??
Glen Yuera .. Glen Ure
Glen Etvf … Glen Etive
Bal na muck .. Barnamuc
Krooach an Bain .. Ben Cruachan
Kreuirin .. Creran

other references's_maps_of_Scotland

Lochnells establishment on Loch Nell, Kilmore

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