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Benderaloch - or Benderloch - a name sufficiently descriptive of its physical aspect, for it signifies in Gaelic ("beinn-eadar-dha-loch) the mountain range between two arms of the sea1

Pont map notes from 1600 : "it is cald Bean-aedir-da-loch that is a mowntayn betuix two Lochis, and so it lyeth betuix Loch-aediff and Loch-Greverin."2

1654 : Beandirloch :| Blaeu Map

Recent road signs have used the version - Meaderloch .. land between two lochs ?
One of very few references using Moedderloch is the Duke of Argylls estate map of 1734 : by Cowley []

Benederaloch : the old area of the land between the lochs Creran and Etive
Part of the estate bestowed on the Earl of Breadalbane on 13 August 1681 (Lord Glenorchy, Benederaloch, Ormelie and Weick) We need to find out exactly what this means - if anyone can help please get in touch

these records may help
GB234/GD1/1072 Cartulary of lands in Caithness Early 18th century
GB247/MS Gen 1032 John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadalbane, household-book 1659-1671
GB247/MS Gen 1473 Settlement of land, Breadalbane 1694

Repository code GB 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD112
Title Papers of the Campbell Family, Earls of Breadalbane (Breadalbane Muniments)
Dates 1306-20th century
Access status Open
GD112/2. Titles to particular lands, 1329-1869

These are arranged according to the old handlist, which placed the various lands in roughly alphabetical order. They related mainly to the Breadalbane lands in Argyll and Perthshire, extending not just 'from Ben More to Kenmore', but from Easdale to Perth, and include material concerning the families of McDougall of Phantilands and Menzies of Shian, and the suppression of the McGregors. The earliest documents [1329] are copies of extracts from the lost charter rolls of Robert I, of charters relating to Benderloch [see also Sections 62 and 75].

Benderloch : the modern village which grew up following the arrival of the railway at the turn of the 1900's, with St Modan's kirk being built, then gradual infill between Selma and Craigneuk

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