Become An Urban Detective

Workshop run by Scotlands Urban Past, at Rockfield Centre, Oban on the 3rd September 2016

Great workshop today at The Rockfield Centre by the Scotlands Urban Past team from the newly formed Historic Environment Scotland (SUP is part of what was RCAMHS) on how to become an Urban Detective - how to add your images, stories, memorabilia, information, on to the National database for all buildings in Scotland. There is plenty to add to the Oban area, and anyone can join in .. check out the link to find out how.

It could not be simpler, and they really do want information from us ordinary people.

The project will collate all the information added to the site, and it will join the professional catalogue of locations on Canmore.

You can look up the town you are interested in, check what information has already been collected about a building, a street, even a piece of street furniture.. and you can add what you know.
That can be images you have taken, or scanned, as big as possible, they can take up to 10mg per image.
It can be stories you or members of your family have : maybe working at a store that has since gone, or old lore about a location.
It can be memorabilia - like menu's, tickets, programmes.. you can scan them and add to the record for a theatre, restaurant, playhouse.
You have to be rather careful about postcards as there are copyright issues until the photographer has been dead for 70 years.
And you can even ADD a NEW LOCATION .. if there is a place that you feel was / is important, you can add new places.

Some of these features you can already do directly to Canmore - adding images and text to existing sites, but you cannot yet add new locations there.

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