Barcaldine Forest Office Presentation 1979

Barcaldine Forest Office presentation 1979

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Barcaldine Forest Office presentation 1979
Photograph courtesy of Malcolm Wield, Dingwall.
The photograph shows the gathering of foresters and forest workers outside the Barcaldine Forest office for a presentation to Duncan (Dochy) Ferguson who was retiring. The forest was part of the Lorne District at that time.
The people are named as per numbers as follows:
1. Neil ‘The Shepherd’ MacDonald (FM Squad)
2. Colin MacVicar (Retired used to work in the creosote plant) (home no 23 Achinreir, wife Mary MacVicar)
3. Name? - added Hugh McLucas
4. Bob MacMillan (Ganger FM Squad)
5. Hughie MacFarlane (Roads Brimec Lorry Driver)
6. George Milne (Forest Clerk)
7. Malcolm Wield (Forester)
8. Donald ‘Lochalsh’ MacLennan (Chainsaw operator)
9. Stan Maule (Head Forester)
10. Clarkie Campbell (retired)
11. Willie Sutherland (Chainsaw and cable crane operator)
12. Hugh MacLarty (Chief Forester)
13. Gillespie Black (Pre-college student)
14. Dougie? MacDonald
15. Donald John MacDonald (Muskeg driver)
16. Duncan (Dochy) Ferguson (Horseman and FM squad – retiring)
17. Stewart Ross (Cable crane operator)
18. Jim Clark (FM Squad)
19. Tommy McKellar (Cable crane operator)
20. Malcolm MacPherson (District Officer)
21. Alec Clark (Cable crane operator)

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