Balure Of Shian

The New township (Bail’ Ùr) of Shian (Fairy Hill)

On the route to Eriska

Part of Barcaldine Estate

Letter from Donald Stewart, Balure, to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, advocate.
Estate affairs. Dated at Balure #

1802-29 Ballure.. [7 documents.]
GD170/514 Title Building and house repairs


surveyed Receipt by Alexander Langlands to Barcaldine for 10 guineas for surveying low ground of Achinrear, 2 crofts and common pasture of Barcaldine, Shian and Sea bank crofts, with farm of Balure and 1 day going to Ellerick, 1 June 1814.

5. Balure. Includes copy tack, 1 April 1817, to Donald McDonald, lieutenant in 48th regiment, for 19 years, and papers re tack, 1828-30 to James Taylor, overseer at Barcaldine. 1800-30. [18 documents.]
31 Jan 1828
Letter from Alexander Campbell to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, 1st b.t.
Makes Barcaldine an offer for farm of Balure. Dated at Auchanrore. .
22 Jun 1829

Letter from Alexander MacDonald to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, 1st b.t.
Wishes Barcaldine to return part of prices of lime put on field added to Balure farm, as writer got no crop from it. Dated at Duribeg.

Letter from James Taylor, grieve to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, 1st b.t.
On Barcaldine's estate affairs.
1819, November 16. ‘The herring still continues in the loch, the good boats and netts are getting from one to four barrells a night’.
1826, March 6. Complains that he cannot keep the deer away from the shrubbery round the house now that the turnips are finished in the field and that they pay no attention to dogs except not going near where they are tied.
1826, March 31. On petition to Road meeting on the Glensallach road and General Campbell's handsome offer.
1832, October 10. With an estimate for a house to be built at Dalranach by James Lawson, mason
Dated at Barcaldine, Glasgow, Balure etc.

Until the late 1860s this was a 250 acre farm that included Achnamoine at the crossroads
There were up to 8 households as part of the farm settlement
At the sharp bend in the road at the end of Achnamoine land, towards Eriska is Hasties Corner
Q : Hastie's corner at Achnamoine on the Eriska road ?
Who is Hastie ?
None in Ardchattan records for birth, marriage or death on SP
there is a Hastie at Taraphocain in 1841
HASTIE James M 20 Ag Lab Argyllshire
In 1851 there is a family of Hasties at "Balure, Barcaldine" before Eriska
There were EIGHT households in the Balure settlement then .. the Hasties were in the middle - Achnamoine is not named separately in this census. Where the Crofts not set up at this time ?

Balure Barcaldine
Hastie William Head M M 48 1803 Labourer INV Fort William
Hastie Catharine Wife M F 49 1802 -ARL Appin
Hastie James Son Unmarried M 13 1838 Scholar ARL Appin
Hastie Duncan Son Unmarried M 12 1839 Scholar ARL Appin Hastie John Son Unmarried M 8 1843 Scholar ARL Appin

and in North Shian is what may be William and James parents at Glackeriska, close to William and Catherine at Shian.

in 1861 William is in Argyll Square, Oban, working as road contractor.
Cannot obviously find the rest of them yet even on SP after that but the name seems to be mistranscribed a lot. !!
Wee Duncan seems to end up in Liverpool, as a shipwright, and even going to Alaska at the tender age of 85 !! (and yes, the papers say born 1839 Appin North Britain!!)

Map Ordnance survey
A good farmsteading. The property of the Revr. [Reverend] Mr Cameron, Barcaldine
Tenant David Donald

Balure is a "farm" covering the area from the Eriska island to the road by the castle.
Does that also include Seabank and Stairchaol at this time ?
Mid 1860s the land was divided up and Achnamoine was established.

12 Mar 1820
GD170/2743 : Title Letter from Lt. Col. Alexander Thomson to Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine, 1st b.t.
Promises security for rent of his sister, Mrs Donald, who lives on Barcaldine's estate near Shian ferry. Dated at Dublin.

1841 ?? acres John Donald
1851 - 100 acres run by David Donald
1861 - 250 acres run by David Donald (son) , with a number of ag labs, paupers, and others of Balure.
and its all Balure in 1865 valuation rolls.
So Dugald Cameron of Ardchattan is the first tenant of "Achnamoine", described as a farm in 1871 of 30 arable acres.
In 1881 census his son Duncan is running the farm of 50 acres, 20 arable- ?changing weather or management?
The term Crofter comes in 1891 and continues in 1901.

1851 ED3 P5
From Eriska to

Alexander Maccoll 55
Mary Maccoll 44
Mary Maccoll 17
Catharine Maccoll 15
Archd Maccoll 10
Dugald Maccoll 7
Aleser Maccoll 6
John Maccoll 3

Mary Bell 26 agricultural labourer
Archd Bell 1
Joann Macpherson 11

Peter Campbell 78 Pauper
Ann Campbell 71

William Hastie 48 at the sharp corner of the road
Catharine Hastie 49
James Hastie 13
Duncan Hastie 12
John Hastie 8

ED 3 P 6
Janet Donald 60
David Donald 27 Glasgow
James Donald 23
Catharine Maccoll 27
Duncan Black 17 Appin

Hugh Cowan 65
Elisabeth Cowan 38
Elisabeth Aitken 9

Alexr Maccoll 68 Crofter Of 9 Acres Carpenter (is this the beginning of Achnamoine?
Mary Maccoll 34
Dugald Maccoll 17
Alexr Maccoll 15

James Campbell 35
Mary Campbell 35
Mary Campbell 60

then to Ardmucknage (Baravullin)

1854 07/01/1854 504/ 20 165 Ardchattan

ED 3 HN 24
| David Donald 36
David Donald 70
Janet Donald 68
James Donald 32
Janet Mccoll 26 Dairy Maid
Allan Cameron 19 Ploughman
Duncan Mcniven 15 Shepherd
William Mcauslan 61 Ag Lab

ED 3 HN 25
Peter Campbell Pauper
Agnes Campbell

ED3 P26
Mary Mccoll 50 Agricultural labourer born abt 1811 Kingairloch, Argyllshire
John Mccoll 12 scholar born abt 1849 Ardchattan, Argyllshire

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