Which of the census is Ardachy in ?
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Ardachy - Branxholme, Victoria, Australia
A large number of entries about the people, the land and the livestock in the newspaper archives : -
Maps - - it is beside Colraine, Hamilton, Penshurst, close to the sea at Portland Bay … weird seeing names from across the country together ! ..

The person who started the holding was Duncan McIntyre born 5 JAN 1814 in "Ardachy" Ardchattan, Argyll,
From newspaper accounts - he bought the farm next door in 1847 but sold it all the following year.
and died 15 FEB 1854 in "Glenoe" Penshurst, Victoria of Injuries Received from his Horse falling with him. He had been taking the horse to Portland for the races.
He left a widow and 5 children.
this account tells a different story !

There is a lot of information on the Victorian Heritage Database - unfortunately the site is not functioning correctly but using google cache it is possible to reclaim the page that existed.

Ardachy has a complicated history of ownership but the most important early owner of the squatting lease was the Scottish immigrant, Duncan McIntyre who named the property after his birthplace when it was subdivided in 1849. He probably built the simple first portion of the original homestead in stone and brick, possibly in 1849 and established the garden. It is not known when and by whom the first house was extended but, in 1871, it was described as having twelve rooms and a large garden. The homestead is now in ruins but much planting survives…… (there is lots more)

The Archive has a variety of saved newspaper cuttings and pdf's on the history.
There are a growing number of online references to families who were connected.
eg : -

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